Lauren night ride

Sometimes Riding Really Freaks Me Out

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I start to pedal, anticipating the ride ahead. My mind is quiet. I chat on the climb, everything is normal and I have no anxiety or worry, I’m just happy to be out on my bike. It’s a bit like Russian Roulette, I never know whether fear is going to take over, or if I’ll be able to escape its grasp. I’m not a particularly new rider, and aside from the year I took out from riding, I’ve been mountain biking since 2012. I ride as much as other life stuff allows, sometimes riding a lot, other times squeezing in......

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Not too good about writing about myself, but not so bad at writing about other things. There was a time that I hated bikes, but then they became my life. Wouldn't be the person I am if I hadn't been on this journey. Here's to bikes, drinking tea and everything that comes with life on two wheels. I'm Lauren, I like bikes and writing about them. Always trying my best and up for adventures.

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