Scoutin’ About: The B-Roll

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When there’s too much you had to cut but it’s just too good, why not release another video? Nukeproof and Tommy C released Scoutin’ About a few weeks ago. Miss it? See that here. But now, even if you want it or not (their words, not ours) you’re getting it, and to be honest we’re glad there’s more.

Usually, in the editing process, once the finest footage from Tommy C’s VHS camera has been cut and spliced together it sees the death of hours of footage. This is then flushed into oblivion. But Scoutin’ About is a tough little bugger and the standard of footage is too high not to share with the baying public. We are very happy to share with you more unseen hardtail wildness from the video of the year* Scoutin’ About Part 3, but this time it’s RAW. Featuring more hilarity, wild skills and destruction from Mr Brayton, Heap, Robbo and Blake, minus slightly ‘twisted ankles.’

Scoutin' About with Nukeproof

Scouting About with Nukeproof: Part 3

Scoutin’ About | Now That’s How You Ride Leeds Urban Bike Park

Video: Nukeproof Have a Wild Weekend at the PMBA Enduro

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