In The Hills Gang Take us to Church

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All we can say is Amen. This has some seriously good vibes. Just a bunch of friends riding and having a good time. With over 30 minutes of footage, we suggest you pop this on with a brew of choice. In the Hills Gang know what’s up. Go ride your bike with your friends.

Months of digging rewarded with 2 weeks of ritual. MTB with less filler more killer. No sponsors, no budget, no problem. A project built by passion, promoting fun, and self accomplishment. Go ride bikes with your friends.

In the Hills Gang

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In The Hills Gang Riders:

  • Aidan Howe
  • Evan Mercure
  • Barbara Edwards
  • Kaia Jensen
  • Elle Runyan
  • Ku’ulei Haupu
  • Connor Worrall
  • Tim Dacosta
  • Jonathan Gibbons
  • Jeremy Schmidt
  • Keanu Smith
  • Logan Shreck
  • Jackson Helle
  • MTB Mike
  • Kaj Wrobel
  • Asa Howe
  • Dakoda Osusky

Catch more from the guys on Instagram.

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