High Alpine Riding in the Dolomites with Tom Oehler

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With some on edge sections, great drone footage and breathtaking scenery, this edit is making us crave adventure. Enjoy the video, Tom Oehler’s riding, and some behind the scenes with the making of.

Setting off from the mountain’s infamous pyramid peak, at 3,152m Piz Boé is the highest mountain in the Sella Range of the Dolomites. Tom Oehler threads his way down singletrack that would make a mountain goat uncomfortable, hopping rocks with fathomless drops on either side. On the way he meets friendly hikers who give him a push and finally ends his descent in an Italian cloud forest where he meets his crew.

Tom Oehler

It really is a two-wheeled adventure that bikes a fine line between earth and sky. Thankfully Tom is no stranger to white-knuckle rides, having started his two-wheeled adventures before he could walk. Tom began competing in trials in 1997. Since then he’s racked up a host of titles and world firsts, including World Records for the fastest 400m hurdles on a bike and the highest wall climb.

Red Bull Bike
Tom Oehler

I love all kinds of mountain biking, but alpine riding is my favourite field. I have a strong trials background so when I stepped forward to the mountain biking scene I knew that with my technique I could ride a lot of trails that would be challenging for other riders with a different background.

Tom Oehler

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Comments (5)

    Excellent stuff from Tom Oehler (as usual…).
    It was watching stuff like this that first inspired me to buy a Liteville 301, in the vain hope that I could even become half as good. I don’t think that I ever did though and now I’m too old to get any better.

    Wonderful riding and locations anyway!

    That behind the scenes stuff makes you realise how much effort it takes to get some 3 mins of riding footage of that caliber.

    Warning: do not attempt to copy anything ridden by someone wearing a Red Bull hat.

    The exposure was properly squeaky bum in places. Would love to ride there, though. It looks amazing.

    I have been up that peak a few times from various sides, on foot it is an easy way to get high, amazing views on a clear day. Would never consider taking a bike up there, the ‘easy’ ways down without exposure are mostly one long scree slope.

    If only we were able to travel there

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