DH Practice Highlights with Eliot Jackson – Leogang World Cup 2021

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It’s refreshing to see Red Bull acquire new talent to help present and bring us content from the World Cup. Both Eliot Jackson and Tracey Hannah joined the Red Bull ranks this year. We’re looking forward to seeing more from both of them.

Eliot takes us through DH practice looking at the track, chatting to people and checking out some riding. Here are the highlights from practice in Leogang!

Is the Downhill MTB World Cup track in Leogang ever really dry? Answer for 2021: “Probably not.” Frequent summer storms moving through the Austrian Alps are changing riding conditions by the hour, keeping things interesting for everyone inside and outside the tape. Expert field reporter Eliot Jackson walked down the legendary venue, observing the world’s finest dialling in their lines and learning where Saturday’s race could be decided.

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Thibaut Daprela’s POV Run – Leogang World Cup 2021

Wyn TV: Leogang Track Walk – DH World Cup 2021

Watch the XC and DH live this weekend on Red Bull.

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