DH Crown Court Vs Brendan Fairclough

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Accused of being involved in fraudulent activity regarding ‘gnarly DH KOM’s’ and with the intent to supply clipless pedals, is Brendog guilty of crimes against downhill? Scott’s latest release is quite a fun little video. Ripping it up on his new Spark 900, Brendan Fairclough looks like he’s having a good time.

The launch video for the Spark 900 was great, Scott are upping their game with the video releases.

Brendan Fairclough

I really dig riding short travel trail bikes, but with the descending capabilities of the new Spark 900, there’s a fear my enduro bike will get left in the shed.

Brendan Fairclough
Scott Spark 900

Scott Release All-New Spark RC and Spark 900

Midweek Movies: Racing, Prep and a Great Launch Video

Track Walk: Brendan Fairclough’s Newest ‘Dog’s Life’ Line

Brendan Fairclough

For more on the Spark, head to the Scott website.

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