Commencal will be racing a prototype DH bike with Virtual High Pivot this season!

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Commencal takes the covers off its latest rendition of the successful Supreme downhill bike revealing a prototype with a virtual high pivot.

The eagle eyed of you have probably already spotted Commencal team riders testing a new downhill bike during the off season thanks to social media. In those posts Commencal wrapped their new bike with a ‘blanket’ while testing to keep the new suspension linkage hidden and now we see why.

We would assume if this was going to be a normal race season, Commencal wouldn’t have sent press images of it’s prototype ahead of the first UCI World Cup, but as it’s looking unlikely that much media will be in attendance at races for 2020, Commencal has done the ‘spy shot’ work on our behalf.

It won’t just be Amaury riding the new frameset, Angel Suarez will also be racing the latest Commencal supreme though his Öhlins equipped bike appears to have a slightly different linkage.

We are proud to present our new COMMENCAL SUPREME!

It’s a prototype, a lab bike that means we can try many new concepts under the most testing and extreme conditions.

In order to work with a minimum of unknowns, we use a lot of tubes from our current bikes and this allows us to ensure perfect management of stiffness as well as limiting the risks in terms of resistance. This SUPREME features a brand new kinematic with a Virtual High Pivot. Through this system, we’re always looking for more performance and liveliness, without compromising the capacity of our now renowned High Pivot Point.

There is no commercialisation on the cards yet, however it’s sure that this is the dawn of a new era for the future of COMMENCAL DH. 

You will be able to enjoy Amaury, Myriam, Thibault and Angel behind the handlebars for the whole season!


Amaury Pierron’s Commencal Supreme DH Prototype

Angel Suarez’s Commencal Supreme DH Prototype

Roll on Leogang so we can see how these new Commencal’s perform!

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    So the shock link moves the idler/chain pull direction as the VPP shifts through the travel? That’s a smart idea.

    Or not. On the lower bike the idler looks fixed so perhaps it’s a daft idea. What is that shock link lower pivot/extension link doing?

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