Coming Back From the Bad Days with Kate Courtney

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Racing is a series of ups and downs. Sometimes you can be right up there with luck on your side, other days no matter what you do, things just don’t go right. Check in with Kate Courtney and the Scott team at the first two world cups, and go through the highs and lows. It takes a lot to build confidence when you come back from a crash, but Kate is ready.

Building Confidence

Scott take us through the last few events:

Life as a World Cup racer is ripe with drama, disappointment, and triumph – no less for Kate Courtney. Coming into the season, Kate showed her strong form in Albstadt but Nové Město wasn’t so kind.  A heavy crash broke her brake lever and her wrist causing her to miss the recent Leogang World Cup. Her bone may have broken but her spirit certainly did not. Kate will race Les Gets next weekend before heading to Tokyo. 

For season two of Rising, we follow Kate as she navigates through this unprecedented season, digging deep and looking ahead at the Olympic Games. Follow along as we go behind the race tape and see how Kate is building confidence on the bike ahead of this monumental season. 

Scott Sports
Kate Courtney

Kate came over to Europe early to get a head start on World Cup preparation, an unusual take on an already packed season of travel, but her tactic seems to pay off. Her schedule included many small but critical races with the focus on getting her legs under her again. At the same time, Kate used her time in Switzerland with the team to dial in her technical skills on the bike. When the World Cup season kicked off, her preparation showed. She came out showing a side of herself that was calm and confident on track both mentally and physically.

Scott Sports
Kate Courtney

When we have those bad days, we don’t pretend they weren’t bad days, and we don’t try to gloss over them. We take ownership over that it wasn’t a great day. We didn’t get the results we wanted, but as a team we’re able to put a time limit on that. Let that be the emotional experience it is. And then get back to work.

Kate Courtney
Kate Courtney


At the first of six world cups, Kate showed her strong shape. She dominated the chase group and pushed through to take strong 4th in the XCC to earn an important place on the front row for the start of the XCO on Sunday. In the elite cross country Kate again took 4th place, a strong podium finish but still a few marks off where she wanted to be.

Kate Courtney

Nove Mesto

Kate headed into the second world cup stop with high hopes, eager to redeem a disappointing resolution here in 2020. The first lap for Kate showed promise before disaster struck with a bad crash that broke her brake lever. A miraculous and speedy fix put Kate back on the course;  shortly after, Kate flatted on the incredibly muddy and challenging course. This put Kate out of the running for a podium spot but despite a disappointing result, Kate fought through to make 50 plus passes. An incredible testament to her determination, especially given Kate later learned she had broken her wrist in the crash.

Kate Courtney

After missing the Leogang World Cup due to her broken wrist, Kate is back in Europe and will be back racing before Les Gets. One thing is clear: while her bones may have broken, her spirit certainly did not. Toyko, here we come! 

And come back she did, winning at round four of the Swiss Bike Cup.

Kate Courtney

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