Return of the Goat 2: New YT Capra launches with a big-budget movie

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YT launches an updated Capra, but what’s more exciting the new bike or the big-budget movie attached to it?

So what do the new YT Capra and a new unnamed Indiana Jones movie have in common? Give up? Well, each one is now associated with Danish actor and Marvel star Mads Mikkelsen! That’s right, YT has launched a new version of its enduro bike and in Young Talent tradition, it is revealed along with a new video featuring a Hollywood celeb. This time Mads stars in Return Of The Goat 2, a 30min mini-movie that is fun to watch but not really your typical bike release video.

2022 YT Capra

The movie is good, but what about the bike? As you can see I’m calling this a 2022 bike because even though the new Capra launches in May 2021, supply is going to be limited till later this year and in reality, I don’t expect to see many new Capras on the trail until early 2022. This is a shame because the new Capra looks very very good and has a few updates that that will actually make it more useable than the current one.

The good news is that the new Capra now finally has room for a full-size water bottle. YT has managed this by creating a new asymmetric frame design. By removing one of the Capra’s signature ‘wings’ riders can now fit a full-size bottle low down in the frameset below the rear shock. The updated bike is now also available in either a 29in build or an MX option meaning a smaller 27.5in hoop on the rear matched to a larger 29er up front. Both models come with wheel specific seat stays and kinematics tuned specifically for their builds.

While tweaking bottle mounts and adding a mullet version, YT’s engineers also tweaked the geo giving roughly 6mm more reach to each bike, a steeper seat tube for better efficiency and a slacker head angle, because you can’t really call a bike ‘new’ unless it’s longer and slacker than the previous generation. Although the two bikes look similar, YT is keen to point out that the MX and 29ers run different frames and even distinguished the two further by tuning the 29er with 165mm of rear wheel movement while the MX has 5mm more. Each model runs a 170mm fork though.

For the release of the new Capra, YT has produced a limited edition launch bike. This model is built up with some really trick components such as a Cane Creek coil shock, titanium cranks, carbon Synthesis wheels and even a custom paint job that matches the patina finish of the van in the new Return of the Goat movie. Just 100 of these limited edition bikes will be offered in sizes from M to XXL, standard Core build bikes come in either MX or 29er builds in sizes S to XXL.

The design of the CAPRA Launch Edition is inspired by the GOAT Van. Color, scratches, decals, stickers, and the saddle represent the look of the van. When it came to the spec, our focus was on something extraordinary, something that stood out from the crowd and, at first glance, does not seem perfectly matched, like most complete bikes. More like a custom bike, but with sick components. The highlights are the Cane Creek Shock with progressive spring and the titanium cranks. The focus was on being super robust with ultimate performance.

Markus Flossmann, Founder & CVO YT Industries

2022 YT Capra MX Geometry

2022 YT Capra 29 Geometry

New Pre-order system

While it’s all well and good to see new bikes launch, it’s not much use if you cannot get hold of one, this is why YT has implemented a new pre-order system. The new system allows customers to pre-order bikes with a lead time longer than 8 weeks. Customers are required to pay a 10% deposit, but this is fully refundable if you decide to change your mind.

Customer feedback has been clear this year – you want to see what bikes with which specs we are going to offer when. We are stoked to reveal all the details about our new CAPRAs now and to make it possible for each customer to make an informed decision whether or not they wish to pre-order. We firmly believe that the pre-order deposit functionality provides a great way for customers to get in line for our exciting line of new bikes without having to pay the entire amount upfront.

Sam Nicols, CEO YT Industries

For full spec and pricing details head over to the YT-Industries website.

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