Video Vault: From BMX to MTB, and somewhere in between

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Mullet bikes, 29ers, 27.5+… forget all that for a moment and dive into our weeny wheeled video collection. What can BMX bring to mountain biking, what can bikes bring to you, and what can you do if you throw all the rules our the window and think creatively?

Tate Roskelley – Wait, What?

The master of creativity and try, try, try again – Tate Roskelley brings us another instalment of improbable bike activities. Wonder what he would do if we gave him a mountain bike to play with – the results would surely be interesting.

Tommy Zula

Tommy Zula started out BMX racing and is the now the World Pump Track Champion, but he prefers to see himself as just someone that rides bikes – not a BMXer or a mountain biker. In this video we get to see his skills and hear what it is he likes about the different parts of the bike world.

Chloe Taylor – Changing Gears

How does a BMX racing career turn into an enduro one? How well do the skills translate? Chloe Taylor gives her take. Plus, if you’ve ever been to the BMX track in Manchester you will know how intimidating that start ramp and first jump are. We think we’ve got some practising to do!

Grab your bike, whatever the wheel size, and go have some fun!

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