Match your bike to your…bright green Porsche?

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If you’re the distributor for a bike brand, how do you draw attention to yourself? Sponsor some great riders? Win some races? Do a like, tag, share competition on Instagram? Or, paint your bike to match your Porsche?

It looks as though Stefan, the owner of RTB Bikes – the German distributor of Antidote Bikes – has no qualms about attention seeking. Look at the colour of that car! What is it? Crisp Apple maybe? Snot Rocket Pearl? Lime Tingle?

Green porsche

The colour is apparently ‘Mamba Green Metallic’, which seems a terrible choice of name for a car paint – don’t green mamba snakes like to wrap themselves around trees? Lime Tingle seems much better.

[Stefan] didn’t have to look far for inspiration when he built his 2020 Carbonjack 29. The goal was simple. His new superbike had to perfectly match his supercar – the 2019 Porsche Panamera GTS Sport Turismo

RTB Bikes

Oh, isn’t it terrible when your superbike doesn’t match your supercar? We hate it too, when our Berlingo doesn’t match our bike. Why aren’t there more Ti cars out there?

Mamba green antidote bike

They’ve gone to town making this thing scream ‘look at me!’. Antidote Bikes produce their frames entirely in-house in Poland, and have their own paint shop offering custom paintwork, so getting the bike the right colour was the easy part. They’ve managed to snag some Trickstuff Direttissima brakes, there are oilslick SRAM AXS parts too, plus a smattering of oil slick parts elsewhere to bring the colour scheme together.

It’s quite the build, but we find ourselves being distracted by the WHITE walls, and the block paving. It’s all so neat, and clean. Surely just a little bit of moss, or the odd dandelion, could have helped make us feel just a little less inadequate?

Antidote Carbonjack 29 Custom Build Specification

  • Frame: 2020 Antidote Carbonjack 29, size XL, Custom Paint Mamba Green Metallic
  • Fork: Öhlins RXF Air 160mm, custom decals
  • Shock: Öhlins TTX 22M 210x55mm, custom color
  • Wheelset: MDuro Carbon rims, Chris King hubs, Sapim D-Light spokes
  • Front tyre: Onza Porcupine 29 x 2,4 TRC 60 TPI Tubeless Ready
  • Rear tyre: Onza Porcupine 29 x 2,4 TRC 60 TPI Tubeless Ready
  • Tubeless valves: SUPACAZ Ventil Star Valvez 50mm, oil slick Brakes: Trickstuff Direttissima, 4 piston, black
  • Brake adapter: Intend PMPM+20/23
  • Disc rotors: Trickstuff Dächle HD 203 Heavy-Duty
  • Drivetrain: SRAM XX1 eagle AXS DUB 1×12 Groupset, Boost, 175mm cranks
  • Pedals: DMR Vault, custom paint
  • Headset: Intend Stiffmaster, 14mm stack height, ZS44 / Cane Creek 40 ZS56
  • Stem: Intend Grace FR 35mm
  • Handlebar: Antidote Candy Ray 810mm, 34mm rise
  • Grips: ODI Rogue Lock-On, 130mm
  • Seatpost: Rockshox Reverb AXS A1 170mm, 30,9mm
  • Saddle: Ergon GE1 Factory oilslick
  • Actual bike weight: 14.9 kg

If you had access to a custom spray shop, what beloved thing in your life would you be matching your bike to? Your car? Your dog? Maybe you’ve already built your own dream build colour coordinated machine – if so, tell us about it. Hmm… maybe we need a purple and orange birthday edition bike?

Photos: Jakub Reichhart

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Comments (6)

    What are the chances…? I came here to see if Singletrack had any comment on the new Porsche bikes, and yes, sure enough there is an article at the top of the page with a Porsche and a bike in the photo! But oh, it’s not the right Porsche and it’s not the right bike either! The universe is surely taunting me today.

    I shall check back again tomorrow, Hannah, to see if Porsche have sent you a shiny new electric Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo to test with the Porsche e-bike Cross.

    I don’t know why, it’s not like I’m in the market for either, but I’m always interested in whether it’s just a gimmick or if these are decent bikes, and there’s no-one else I trust to tell me that than yourselves. Cheers!

    It’s nearly, but not as nice, as my Apple Green Orange.

    Grinch green porker and matching MTB how delightful, does the owner wear covid patient phlegm shirt and baggies with matching toxic waste coloured kicks? – would love a money no object custom bike and a mid life crisis autobahn stormer but housing and feeding ones offspring precludes such frivolity 🙁

    @powerbenny – we’re tracking down the press office for you. Strangely, they seem to get many calls to send out ‘evaluation’ samples at Porsche… 🙂

    My bike already matches my dog. Permanently scruffy and covered in mud.

    Both the car and the bike would look far better in stealth black. As for the Porsche e-bike, I would be very surprised if they wanted that abomination to be tested by a ‘proper’ bike mag

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