Fresh Goods Friday 540 – The We’re Coming Up On 20 Edition!

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Normally here it is customary to include some waffle and some wibble about whatever is happening in the world. But a) we’ve no idea what’s happening in the world because we haven’t been out in it and b) we’re way too distracted by the prospect of our 20th Birthday to watch the news (or indeed to remember that our kids are back at school and need picking up, hmm… Hannah?).

Ahem. Look! LOOK! Loooooookk!

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Anyway, where are we… Friday? Time for Fresh Goods Friday 540…

2021 Ragley Trig

Amanda has caught a gravel rash recently, and can’t seem to find the right cream to sooth it. So instead, she’s bought herself a bike. To add to her collection of Ragley bikes is the new Ragley Trig. It features 650b wheels, WTB Senduro 47 tyres, carbon forks, 70mm stem, Shimano GRX groupset and a lovely metallic blue finish.

Singular Peregrine Mk3

This classically styled versatile bike has been given a modern makeover, with room for 29×2.1in or 27.5×2.3in rubber. Talking of rubber… is that lilac? Or a trick of the light? The eccentric bottom bracket shell allows singlespeed, fixed or internal gears, plus gives adjustment for multiple wheel sizes. You get flat mount brakes and thru axles, and mounts for panniers, bottle cages and mudguards. And of course, it’s a got a Columbus steel frame. Is it a commuter, or a gravel bike, or a monster crosser, or all these things? It’s available for pre order now, delivery due September this year.

Shower Pass Men’s Refuge Jacket

Charlie says… Take refuge from the seemingly constant irritation of British weather in this smashing all mountain/all sports Shower Pass do-it-all jacket. It gives you a three layer breathable waterproof fabric, taped seams, four pockets, two vents, and a magnetic bum flap. A what? This clever feature is not for robots who have magnetic bums that they wish to flap, but a flap for normal bums that is secured with two easy to use magnets. Flap up. Flap down, Flap up… easy. This will minimise spray off your rear wheel, but is also rather convenient when sat around eating pies on nasty damp rocks.

The shoulder panels are extra tough for a longer life when using backpacks. At the front you have two long vents of rather impressive proportions, so much so, there may be a risk of attracting amorous basking sharks.  The hood is removable, stashable in an internal pocket, adjustable, and helmet compatible. This jacket comes in a choice of six colours, including “golden rod” seen here. There must be a good story behind that name, it might even be printable? Singletrack Members need to check out the Members Area to pick up their exclusive 20% discount code. That gives you 20% off across the Showerpass range. So that would be a £48 saving on this jacket, which not only covers a Singletrack Annual Print & Digital Membership, it also leaves you almost a tenner for pies. Can you see what we did there?

7MESH Glidepath Women’s Shorts

These are some of Hannah’s favourite shorts – they’re nicely long, and the large zipped pockets on the hips are great for putting things in, even when riding. Fasteners on the waist allow adjustment in the event there’s a cake shortage, and the stitch free cuffs are chafing free, even when wet. A notice on the 7MESH website says that due to Brexit they’re not shipping to the UK right now, however they’ve got a list of stockists on their website and they encourage you to buy direct from your local shop.

7MESH CoPilot Women’s Jacket

This is a Goretex Paclite jacket that’ll pack down into its own pocket, but gives you proper waterproof protection when you need it, with taped seams, waterproof zipped pocket and a hood that will fit over your helmet. The outer facing fabric is made from 100% recycled nylon too. Hannah still has a Paclite fabric jacket from 20 years ago, so she’s excited to have an update.

7MESH Women’s Foundation Briefs

  • Price: £35.01
  • From: 7MESH

Hannah is waiting for barber shops to reopen before modelling these. They’re a minimally padded pair of cycling knickers – they do a men’s boxer too – with a mere hint of a chamois. Incredibly smooth and seamless, there’s some kind of fabric wizardry gone into making these. They’re designed for when you want a bit of padding for the ride, but don’t want to be sitting around afterwards in a thick and sweaty chamois.

7MESH Ashlu Merino Socks

85% merino socks, with a 7inch cuff, available in four colours. The ‘Pomegranate’ looks great!

Five Ten Prime Blue Freerider Pro and Women’s Freerider Pro

These shoes are made with Prime Blue uppers, which is a material made from recycled plastics that have been ‘harvested’ from out in the environment – places they shouldn’t be, like beaches. You also get a ‘Prime Green’ fabric used in other clothing, which is ‘harvested’ at source – like your recycling collection. When you get down to the sole, the shoes are exactly the same as other Freerider Pros – sticky soles, and with a slightly slimmer fit to the Women’s model (above) compared to the men’s (below).

Specialized 2FO DH clip-in shoes

So fresh, they were only launched yesterday!

It must be shoe season! These brand spankers come from Specialized and they are a downhill-leaning shoe for more aggressive riding. The 2FO DH features Specialized’s newly developed, third generation SlipNot rubber sole, designed to stick to and hug pedal pins; it also features increased stiffness in the centre section of the sole to cut down on fatigue while remaining flexible in the toe and heel sections for walking comfort.

The shoe will come in both flat and clip-in version (seen here) – with both featuring that sticky sole. In addition, the 2FO DH boasts ‘robust structural support into the upper to comfortably lock your foot in place, increased the toe box protection, and added a mid-top interior cuff to keep you protected!’

Handske Gloves

These are lightweight riding gloves, available in a variety of fairly wild designs. Plus, a limited edition Jo Burt design. They have silicone printed palms for grip, a short neoprene, a terrycloth thumb/snot wipe, and a touch screen compatible index finger. They’re a ‘extra lean fit’ – they fit snugly. If you want to design your own custom gloves, you can, for a minimum order of 50 pairs.

Endura Womens’ MT500 Jacket

If you think winter is done with us then you clearly haven’t spent long in the UK. Endura have been knocking out the MT500 jacket for years and it keeps getting little tweaks and upgrades every year. Made from three layers of ExoShell40DR, which just rolls off the tongue the claims list breathability and durability as the big selling points.

Big hood for going up and over your helmet for those times you are hiding from the wind and rain behind a Yorkshire stone wall on an open, treeless Yorkshire landscape (Just us?) and it has lovely sewn in fabric cuffs to keep the drafts out.

Specialized Mimic Phenom Women’s Saddle

One of the first upgrades many of us make when we get a new bike is a saddle that doesn’t rub us raw. This is a women’s saddle in size width 145mm from the Specialized Body Geometry range. Unlike some classic women’s (cheap) designs, it doesn’t pander to the misconception that loads of padding is what we want. It’s got an almost Flite like profile but with a super squishy bit in the middle, right where you want it.

That said, saddles are very personal items and one persons super comfortable ride can be someone else’s red hot poker up the back entrance. Hopefully, the recipient of this one (Vic) will be in the former camp. We’ll let you know.

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And that’s it! Instead of the usual seventies glam rock video, we’re going to leave you with this fascinating and slightly dark (and sweary) documentary about racing shopping trolleys down the streets of Vancouver’s North Shore – Carts of Darkness. It’s an hour, but it’ll do while you’re waiting for it to stop raining, eh?

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Comments (13)

    Charlie looking very Dave Grohlish in that first showerpass photo.

    Carts of Darkness is a great film. A perfect way to spend your Friday night.

    Handske is Swedish for a glove (singular) and in the snowboard collectors world a snowboard bench is utter sacrilege! A vision of hell!

    Have a good weekend all

    “Hannah is waiting for barber shops to reopen before modelling these.” Laughed my socks off! 😀

    Can you please stop showing cracking looking drop-barred bikes. I’ve got enough bikes already, according to my wife.

    That snowboard is almost 20 years old and made of pure stiff. Trust me, this is the only thing it’s now good for.

    Think that Ragley looks ace, especially for the price.
    Very tempted to try a Mimic on my road bike. Oh and I like the 7Mesh shorts, and the Endura jacket…
    Damn, this could be an expensive Friday.

    That Ragley is good looking and great value

    Loved the ‘making of’ video. Very talented. Great looking cover too.

    The Hanske gloves were perfectly timed as my old Specialized ones are just about done. I’ll find out early next week if the size guide is accurate.

    Spesh shoes… I’ve read a couple of other reviews that say the flat pedal gets the new v3 sole, but the clip version gets the old v2, on the basis that it doesn’t need the additional grip (and assume is longer lasting.)

    Didn’t know barber shops dealt with those kind of issues….every days a school day!

    20% off Showers Pass.
    Bingo. I’ve been eyeing up a new jacket for ages. Yesterday’s ride in a Peaks monsoon confirmed my old one is bholloxed. New jacket ordered. Golden shower colourway too

    Follow up on the gloves. The size is just right and suitably snug without being too restrictive on my paws. Also just enough weight to be cosy at this time of the year without overheating or getting too cold.

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