All The Warm Fuzzies from Focus

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It’s spring, the days are longer, and there are reasons to feel more optimistic. This video from Focus Bikes should give you an extra nice warm fuzzy glow.

Focus says:

We asked you – the cycling community – to share your stories with us. The goal was to show that no matter how deep the low is, there is light at the end of the tunnel. We believe biking has the power to move, to change – to make every single person happier. No matter what bike, with our without engine or what brand you ride. We are all connected by the same love for riding a bike.

Over the course of two weeks, people from all over the world shared their personal and cycling related stories with us. We received more than 1000 pieces of great content which were put together in some unique user generated edit.

The world-leading film agency @Cut Media​ helped us create this montage of real human stories showing the true power of humans on bikes. It motivates you to ride your bike, stay positive and believe in better days.

All quotes, almost every scene came from you! Thank you so much sharing your moments and maybe helping other people finding motivation and inspiration to ride and stay positive.

You are awesome! Let’s ride it out together.

#madetolose​ #ridetogether​ #ridebeyond​ #staypositive

OK, so it’s all marketing, and a cynic might say that it’s cheap marketing when the public provides all the footage so there’s no drone budget, expensive on location shoot, etc etc. But who cares. Leave your cynicism behind and go ride joyously in search of daffodils, spring lambs, and a smile.

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