Updated Propain Hugene has all your trail needs covered

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Propain updates the all-mountain Hugene now with jump, jib, and shred features! Plus updated geometry and a more elegant and lightweight frame!

The Propain Hugene launched a couple of years ago with an all-new suspension platform and a carbon frame made for trail and all-mountain riding, for 2021 the new Hugene promises to have those bases covered while also being up for a little 50:01 style jib and jump action.

On the surface, the 2021 Hugene looks like the outgoing model but a look over the technical details reveals new geometry, a frame re-design and other ‘innovative’ features.

The headline numbers include 140-150mm travel, that’s a 10mm increase for anyone not familiar with the previous bike, 29in wheels, and a suspension kinematic with 110% anti-squat, up from 100%. Propain states the Hugene now climbs like a hardtail, which we take as being as efficient as rather than offering the same uphill traction as one. Suspension changes also see the Pro10 linkage system offering better mid-travel support and increased small bump sensitivity.

On the geometry front the 2021 Propain Hugene has a 65.5-degree head angle, 76.5-degree seat angle with a reach of 485mm on a size large bike. These changes along with a 445mm chainstay length promise to give the Hugene a calmer and more agile ride than before.

The updates aren’t just around the suspension and geometry, but also the style of the bike. Propain says they’ve paid closer attention to the overall look of the bike to give it a more clean and elegant aesthetic. These changes include matching painted carbon linkages, and more customisation options. Customers can now not only pick from new colours but even choose the style of head badge their Hugene rocks.

More technical updates include room for a bottle cage and a trail tool mounted to bolts in the top tube, new and improved frame protection, more rear shock clearance so riders can opt for large gravity orientated shocks and extra Propain Dirt-Shields to protect the Acros bearings.

Updates are so wide-ranging that we’ll list them all for your reading pleasure.

2021 Propain Hugene new features

  • Optimized frame material made from Blend Carbon
  • Wheel size 29”
  • Travel: 140/150mm front; 140mm rear
  • PRO10 suspension system
  • Two mounts for drinking bottles or straps, tools, pump, etc.
  • PROPAIN DirtShields (double sealed frame bearings)
  • New frame design: “clean and high-end”
  • Selectable headtube badges and new decal colours
  • New selectable frame colours
  • Removable ISCG chain guide mount
  • Bolted BSA bottom bracket
  • New Drivetrain: Eagle 52z
  • New hanger standard: SRAM UDH
  • New cable routing above the bottom bracket with internally routed cables in ducts
  • Upper linkage made of carbon and in-frame colour
  • HIGH5 Warranty: 5-year warranty and crash replacement

On top of all this, the new frame is said to be stronger and lighter with frame weights starting at just 2.3kg and the highest spec complete bikes weighing in at just 12.9kg for a size large bike.

Riders who are familiar with Propain will know the generous customisation options the German brand offers. Prices for the 2021 bike begin from just €3,399 rising to €7,164. If you fancy one of these new Hugene’s then check out the Propain website now for more details.

This is what Propain says about the updated Hugene:

Tour, Trail, All-mountain? What now? The new Hugene is the answer. A bike with 140-150mm of travel that always fits. Whether it is a quick trail loop, an all-day tour or even an alpine cross. The Hugene is a summiteer on the uphills and a rocket on the downhills. One bike to rule them all.

We continue to rely on carbon and 29″ wheels, but we took the criticisms of the previous Hugene very serious. Therefore, our new trail rocket has a slightly steeper seat angle, a lower steering angle and a longer reach. The travel has increased by 10mm and the chainstay remains at a moderate length of 445mm. As with our other models, the damper is placed in front of the seat tube. For this purpose, we have neatly optimized our proven PRO10 suspension system. The result is an even better balance of smoothness and agility to give the trail rider safety and stability without being sluggish.

The new Hugene is even lighter and more dynamic, with a lot of attention to the drive efficiency. With 110% anti-squat, nothing will upset the rear triangle on the uphill. The bike climbs like a hardtail, but also offers you a steady downhill performance. The kinematics has been further optimized to give more support in the mid-travel and to increase the sensitivity at the same time.

It climbs, it jibs, it shreds, it’s huge – huge on trails!


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Comments (13)

    I just bought one ! So excited. May delivery though !

    Looks very nice. How much do you have to add to the total for VAT and import duties?

    @chrismac. Tyee on order. Vat is the same @20%, only you pay (the UK) on delivery. Import tax is 14% on top, plus couriers fee, call it 15% all in. Welcome to the free trade agreement.

    I’ve put £1300 aside for duty and VAT. No regrets for Brexit !

    Top end bike is €7129
    Shipping is €189
    Total is €7318
    + 20% VAT = € 8781.60
    + 14% import duty = € 10011.02
    Exchange to sterling = £8816.27

    That’s a chunk of cash when you consider the Spesh stumpjumper Sworks is a couple hundred cheaper and benefits from a lifetime frame warranty.

    junundercover… you don’t regret paying an unnecessary additional 15% for something that was import duty free mere weeks ago…? multiply this up for ALL the stuff we buy and use from Europe…

    @mildred – not quite right, you don’t pay the VAT twice. They take off German VAT at checkout, you pay it to the UK on import. The delivery, import duty plus the fee DHP charge for processing this is additional.

    really fancied one of these till I did the maths, and It becomes expensive – probably cheaper to – when you can that is – go to Germany buy one have a cycling holiday and come home with a used bike!


    From the Propain website:

    “ Since December 31st the UK is not part of the EU anymore and, out of a customs and trade view, the UK now counts as a third country. That means that you will need to pay custom duties and import sales tax when importing goods from the EU. Import sales tax will be additionally 20%. The prices communicated on our website for UK customers do not include VAT!
    In addition, we currently expect the custom duty being 14% on your purchase.
    Please keep in mind that you will have additional costs of VAT + CUSTOM DUTY!”

    I chose United Kingdom as my region and this is the price it generated, which means my figures are correct.

    So according to the Propain website the price we see in the UK is already minus local taxes; I’ve been to the checkout and there’s no way of me “taking off” any taxes. That is an expensive bike. Looks very nice but it’s priced me out.

    Unless of course I’m misunderstanding this:

    “ The prices communicated on our website for UK customers do not include VAT! “

    Or they’ve made a mistake either in their translation or in their pricing.

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