‘Ooh!’ or ‘Argh!’? Dangerholm’s Hyper Spark

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Maybe it’s all the lack of travel that’s getting to people, but it seems to us like there’s a new ‘dream build’ bike build every week at the moment. Cooped up in their sheds, people are building bikes and dreaming of future days of riding. Or something like that. This build though… well, what do you think? Is it the stuff of dreams or nightmares?

Inspired by modern Road bikes and Hyper Cars, Dangerholm introduces his latest build – the Hyper Spark, a pearl white fully integrated mountain bike with outstanding attention to detail.

SCOTT bikes

What do you think? Gorgeous or gruesome? Let’s take a closer look.

On the one hand, we have perfect coordination on the white tyre decals. But… should that jockey wheel not be silver to match the cassette and chainring? And those wide black spokes – do they look right, or just a touch too bulky for this sleek machine?

We’re relieved to see black grips, because who wants grubby white grips? Or a grubby white saddle come to that? Oh, hang on a minute…

Nooo! This sliver of torture has been added to what might be a pole from that bargain gazebo you bought when the only place you could meet your friends was out in the garden. It doesn’t even have a dropper any more. Perhaps this is race mode, and the horror of having to clean your saddle will make you float swiftly over any mud in sight.

Yes, white shoes and white trousers were all the rage at the World Cup this year but, really, white? Maybe we’re just thinking too practically here. Maybe we’re worried this is a slippery slope that’s going to lead to white lycra. Or maybe we want a bike we can ride? Well, apparently, this is one of them:

Inspired by modern road bikes and hyper cars alike, Dangerholm set out to apply the same sleek and clean look of these to SCOTT’s full suspension mountain bike the Spark RC. Build from scratch with some of the industry’s finest parts and technologies, as well as fully integrated cable routing, wrapped into a custom “pearl white” finish, this bike is not meant to pick up dust in showrooms.
With it’s top of the line spec, one piece Syncros carbon wheels and state-of-the-art world-cup winning carbon bike frame, this bike is meant to be ridden and bound to make it one of the fastest bikes out there.

SCOTT bikes

Not meant to pick up dust in show rooms? Never mind dust, what about the tyre sealant, chain lube, carbon paste… we’ve got a bit of a cold sweat on.

Which is best? Black saddle and dropper or the all white race version? Should that dropper have a kashima coat? That saddle and bar height combo is giving us cramps. We don’t think we’re cut out for this sort of thing. Presumably its maker, Dangerholm, is? Let’s see.

“The hyper car inspiration wasn’t all about looks, performance was key. No stone was left unturned here, so from full carbon wheels and ceramic bearings to the latest suspension technology – every single component is chosen for speed and top performance. A dream spec to say the least.”

Gustav Gullholm

See, white trainers. White t-shirt. Dangerholm seems more practiced at adulting than us. Or maybe he doesn’t eat soup. Anyway, love it or hate it, he’s the guy behind this build, and there’s been hours of sanding and prep gone into it. Because there’s just not enough hours in the day for mask wearing, right?

When weight outweighs comfort?

Here’s the build spec for you to geek out over – or copy, maybe? What would you change?

STOP PRESS! We’ve spotted another Dangerholm bike which appears much better suited to our level of maturity. The Dangerpubes bike.

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Comments (9)

    Sorry but no self respecting man (*) should wear shorts that short (especially with such grotesque thighs).

    (*) Willing to exclude Lemmy from this as he clearly earned the right.

    The shorts are a long running joke, he’s a very funny (and fast) man!

    Hmm, my Ti HT weighs less than 10kg’s & it was built in 1995. Well, the frame was.
    I do wonder how much weight the live valve weighs.

    The work that has gone into the build (bike or thighs) is self-evident, and I’m pretty sure Dangerholm knows exactly what he’s doing and what sort of responses he’ll get (bike or thighs). Good on him.

    Do the thighs take attention away from the fact that he has quite scrawny ankles? Much like mine in fact(which is probably why one of them is currently broken). For many of my younger years mine were a constant source of embarrasment and occasional p1ss taking to the point where I would always keep them undercover. Too old to give a sh1t now though and happily live in shorts most of the year…..unfortunately my thighs are more in keeping with my ankles which probably explains why I am usually last up the hill 🙂

    Dangerholm’s quads explain the 40T chainring!

    Needs legwarmers

    Leaving aside the obvious leg jokes, I think this is the first build by him I would consider palatable. Most of his enduro/DH rigs are nothing but showroom stuff. And you have to be VERY imaginative to link some of the color schemes with the cars he’s supossedly paying homage to.

    It needs more silver and less black for my tastes. Bring back silver!

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