Freak Bike Check! Revel Rascal Arizona Breeze edition

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If you thought pro bike checks were just a gushing list of sponsor names then this is a breath of fresh air from Mason ‘Arizona Breeze’ Bond.

Mason has been riding for Revel for a while now, but has previously ridden for Orange and Pivot. If you follow him on Instagram you’ll see he’s a fan of ‘jorts’ which is likely a hint that pedalling is not usually too high on his list of priorities. Throwing shapes, letting his Hawaiian shirt flap in the breeze, berm whipping – these seem to be the order of the day.

Anyway, before you start to hate him too much for the hashtag lifestyle, watch his bike check video. Regular Singletrack viewers may note the frequent pronunciation of ‘Deity’ as ‘dee-dee’ – a USA-ism noted in our Advent Giveaway video.

We’re not sure what some of the sponsors and manufacturers featured might think of this video, but Revel likes it enough to have shared it with us:

Revel Bikes team rider, Mason Bond, has been keeping busy this winter down in the desert of Sedona, AZ. He recently launched a new YouTube channel called Feel The Breeze TV where he is showcasing the trails in and around Arizona. He has also been tinkering with a couple unique Revel builds.

The Rascal is a 130mm travel 29er that, as its name would suggest, is extremely playful on all types of trail. Mason wanted to make it even more playful so he mounted some 27.5″ Revel Wheels and added a more freestyle oriented cockpit. Whether you call it a slalom bike, a slopestyle bike or, as Mason puts it “stunt life”, it sure does look like fun.

*We don’t recommend riding the Rascal with 27.5″ wheels but the Arizona Breeze does what he wants.

If you want to know what we thought of the Revel Rascal, get yourself a copy of Singletrack Issue 135 – we’ve had the first UK test bike from new distributor, Cyclorise.

Maybe Mason was inspired by our own bike checks?

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