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We had a nice note from Jo Burt so we thought we’d share it with you all:

hi folks,

thanks every so much for mentioning this last week on your site, it really prompted a healthy flourish of donations…

The JustGiving raffle is all done now, and the Lockdown Project booklet raised a frankly outstanding £8,286 for Cancer Research UK. We were thinking that a total of £1.5K would have been great, £2K wonderful and £2.5K would have been the absolute gobsmacking best so this total has been pretty mind-blowing, and a little bit emotional to be honest. Donations ranged from people buying a single raffle ticket of £5 to those of £100 and more, the response and generosity of everyone has been a chink of blue sky in these grey and miserable times.

The lucky winner was Ben Green who is absolutely chuffed but also humble enough to declare that he’s just looking after the booklet for a while…

Aside from raising a while fukbunch of money for Cancer Research UK the project has been fun to do, a daily exercise and a distraction from all the everything for me, I shall miss it a little bit. 
Actually, it’s been bloody amazing, thank you everybody. Hugs when we’re allowed.

Mint and Jo

Missed the raffle but just want to give something? Head here to donate to Cancer Research UK.

Original Article:

No, this isn’t some diet nonsense, this is Jo Burt’s latest contribution to his ‘F**k Cancer’ fundraising efforts, and your chance to do some good.

Over lockdown, he’s been drawing, and now you can enter the raffle to win the results. Here’s the full story:

The Mint Sauce Lockdown Project – an exercise on the mint_sauce_in_mbuk instagram of a tiny little sketch book and a picture a day for the duration of Lockdown V2 or until the book is full, whichever comes soonest. To be auctioned at the end with proceeds to Cancer Research because people are still dying as Cancer doesn’t care if you wear a mask, stay two metres apart, isolate or clap or not.

Things never got better, they got worse, and the book filled up to total nearly 100 pictures.

This is a one off, it will never happen again, there will not be a printed book of this to buy. In a world where everything is copied, rehashed, slapped on anything that doesn’t move, marketed and sold on sometimes something has to exist in and of itself and nothing else. It s what makes it what it is. This has been an unprecedented level of work, and an enjoyable one, there has been a lot of time and love poured into this. It will never happen again.

Initially it was going to be auctioned off to the highest bidder but that’s been changed to give everyone a fairer chance and now you can win this unique piece of Mint Sauce work via a raffle.

Each raffle ticket will cost you a £5 donation to Cancer Research and your name will be written on a bit of paper and put into a hat. Donate £10 and two bits of paper with your name on will be put into the hat, £15 and that’s three pieces of paper and so on until as much as you want to donate. The more tickets you buy the more chances you have of winning the unique booklet and the more money goes towards Cancer Research. There is no limit to the number of tickets you can buy. 

The draw will be made on February 15th, so make your donation now to have a chance of winning.

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