The New Alloy Ibis Ripley – The Ripley AF

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There’s a new Ibis Ripley in town. Based on the impressive, carbon (and expensive) 29in wheeled Ripley frame, the Ripley AF offers the same 130mm DW-Link suspension, similar geometry (more on that in a mo’), but in a more affordable package. UK complete bikes will start at £3399 for a Deore spec Ripley AF, with the (available earlier) SRAM GX/NX spec coming in at £3499

Having been ‘carbon only’ for most of the 21st century, Ibis surprised everyone by launching the Ripmo AF in late 2019 but what it adds in weight (as our Ross likes to say ‘about a wet shoe’) it makes up for in money saving and the perceived extra reliability of carbon, especially for heavier or clumsier riders. (All action pics by Lear Miller by the way)

Ripley AF Geometry

We said ‘similar geometry’ but the new Ripley AF tweaks the head tube to a further degree slacker, down to 65.5°, perhaps in line with how Ibis sees this new potential customer. Let’s take a look at the figures:

The Ripley AF offers 120mm rear travel, with a matching 130mm fork. Reach on a medium is 450mm, though the frame is low-slung enough that sizing up won’t be an issue for most and will give you 25mm more reach. The seat tube is a steep-ish 76° and there are four sizes, from S to XL (14in to 19in seat tubes for those watching in black and white). There’s Boost spacing, a threaded BB and ISCG mounts and room for 2.6in tyres and 203mm rotors. Oh, and room for a bottle in the frame on all sizes. Will come in Pond Scum Green and Monolith Silver.

Frame weight is a claimed 7.45lbs with shock. Complete builds start at 30.5lbs/13kg.

Just as on the Ripley frame, the upper link runs on bearings, while the lower DW link runs on Igus bushings, as they don’t rotate a great deal, so there’s no need for bearings here. The bushings are guaranteed for the life of the frame.

We’re just going to lift the whole quote here: “Our 15 years of collaboration with Dave Weagle has yielded unparalleled climbing efficiency and tractability. Incredible snap and responsiveness. And a whole mess of plush, chunder-eating, downhill-crushing goodness. All wrapped up together in the best suspension you’ll find anywhere. It’s that good.”

Chunder-eating – now you know.

Of course, there’s a natty launch video to go with it (mmm, dust!) featuring US motorbike trials hero, Pat Smage. He shows that the bike

The bike is probably shipping from Ibis as you read this, but with the, you know, global thing, it might be a few weeks before we see them in the UK. Looking forward to it when we do though. They’ll be available from: Ibis Cycles UK

Need some more gratuitous riding shots? OK then!

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Comments (15)

    I like the look of that, pretty much exactly the type of bike I’m looking for next. The deore spec one is looking very good for me and just about in budget, will have to have a word with the LBS about order times when I can get there.

    Lovely. Really like that ‘pond scum’ green colour with the yellow detailing. Interesting they’ve slacked-out the front end but left the travel at 130mm. Presumably that’d give an ever-so-slightly lower stack height than the existing carbon model, all other dimensions being equal. Maybe they’ve compensated elsewhere, as the geometry table says the stack is the same as the carbon version.
    The carbon Ripley is rated take 130 or 140mm forks, but the frame-only spec for this one only mentions 130mm on the Ibis website. Curious, if this indeed pitched at slightly burlier riding.

    Great looking bikes. WIll they actually make enough this year to meet demand because they got it very wrong last time?

    Looks interesting, especially the Igus bushings for British filth.

    Sorry I meant they got the quantities wrong on the Ripmo AF.

    I’m happy with my Banshee Phantom, but I really wish I’d have waited for one of these…

    I hope they are easier to get hold of than any other ibis has for the last couple of years

    I think all bikes are pretty backordered wherever you look. I know they’ve pre-ordered a ton of them, but it could be ages as all sorts of things are holding bikes up at the moment… We’ll let you know when we hear anything…

    That seems a very good price for a full bike especially when Ibis carbon frames are around £3k and full bikes are £5k upwards now.

    I have a 1st gen Ripley and it has been excellent, the only issue I see with this is the weight. The Ripley has always been a light do it all type of bike.

    Looks a great bike.. not sure about the top tube.. and no flip chip if you want to mullet it but a nice wallet friendly steed.

    Says something about the current ridiculousness of mountain biking when 3.4K for a 30+ pound basic spec bike is seen as wallet friendly!

    kink in the top tube lets it down badly. i want straight lines in my metal bikes

    That’s one ugly bike!!!.. But that doesn’t matter when it’s being ridden, rather have a bird aether 9!!.

    “Says something about the current ridiculousness of mountain biking when 3.4K for a” “bike is seen as wallet friendly!” +1

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