“the most British things I’ve ever seen” watch Adam Brayton, Elliott Heap and Danny Hart in GasToVlog

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2 time World Champion, Danny Hart, joins Adam Brayton and Elliott Heap for some pre-season downhill laps at a local secret spot.

In this ever-changing physical and digital landscape, riders and racers are having to think of new ways to keep in the public eye and represent their sponsors as much as possible. In the past it was easy (yeah, EASY….) simply rock up to a race, smash out a win and you would be all over the news in hours, but a pesky pandemic has put a stop to that and riders are having to work on new ways of reaching their audience.

YouTube has been a go-to, with many of our favourite riders joining the VLOG era, creating unique content for their fans, but now the big guns are in town.

Adam Brayton has joined the world of “like and subscribe” with his latest GasToVlog episode, featuring content that has been described as “the most British thing I’ve ever seen“, think Last of the Summer Wine, meets Jackass meets Top Gear, meets downhill and you’ll have an idea of the content you’ll soon be enjoying.

This following episode features fellow Nukeproof rider, Elliott Heap, and 2 time downhill World Champ, Danny Hart with his new Cube DH rig.

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