The Mega Sack winner is…

by 7

The draw happened. Live. On Youtube at 7pm New Years Day. Were you there? Watch the video again to see if you won.

Also, there was some extra draws we had to get out of the way. There were winners from days 31, 32 & 33 to be picked too.

Thank you all for tuning in and encouraging us to make fools of ourselves on a medium that will live on forever as representation of our lives and how some people earn a living in some quite nonsensical ways – it’s been a lot of fun and we hope you’ve enjoyed our efforts. As per Mark’s sign-off in the live video we can’t think you enough for your support this year. It’s been very tough on all of us and the fact you have supported us through this year means a huge amount to us all.

We are finally off to have a long weekend of doing nothing. We’ll catch up with all the winners next week.

Have a great New Year and stay safe.

The Singletrack Team.

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Comments (7)

    Whoop, just caught up with this. Extremely happy, first time I’ve ever won anything

    Nowt again but been enjoying looking at the new kit and your Banter..
    Great Mag as ever…

    Congratulations integra

    Well done to all who have won prizes, I have certainly enjoyed participating.
    I think a great benefit of winning the Mega Sack would be that for the whole of the year you can buy stuff, and when your husband/wife/partner/significant other questions it, just say: it was in the Mega Sack. Now that I think of it I may buy myself a stack of stuff, and pretend I won the Mega Sack.

    Really enjoyed the whole thing, looking forward to doing it all again in December 2021 I hope.

    The vote was stolen, I didn´t win!


    Well, this is embarrassing, a very, very belated whoopity whoop! Hadn’t realised had won this and from the comment above assumed someone else had won it. Then get an email from Charlie today . Thanks to the ST team and distributors/suppliers for this, awesome! And keep it up folks, love the site and the mag. Whoop!

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