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You probably need a distraction right about now, so here’s a quick selection of an alternative reality. Imagine it – you have perfect control of your bike, in all conditions. You can ride over spiky rocks without elbow pads and without whimpering. And feeling the back wheel slide free is not always a precursor to injury. It’s a nice reality, isn’t it?

Alex Rudeau – One Bike Fits All

EWS rider Alex Rudeau shows the control and bike skills needed to ride at the level of the EWS. Even the dust in this terrain looks sharp.

Search for the Slop

This three part series comes with the high tech addition of the comments section below, in which you can debate whether this is all heaps of fun and what mountain biking is really about, or whether it is irresponsible trail ripping hooliganism that is going to bring about the end of all trail access, the death of woodland plant life, and all happiness as we know it. Oh go on, it would be fun to have something new to debate other than you-know-what.

Aneela’s Christmas Tale

Taking a different pace, how about a nice relaxing build video? Aneela McKenna takes on her first complete build project. Although she’s an experienced coached and guide, she’d never found the time before to build up a bike from scratch. But now she has.

If that build whets your appetite, don’t miss out on this build feature and video from James Vincent.

OK, it’s back to reality now… or just keep browsing our pages for lots more distractions.

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    Nice video distractions, especially the build ones, I do like a good build video Ta

    Thanks, Hannah, nice vids. I don’t understand the first one, though. His bike is clean, the wheels are moving freely, unrestricted by the ground hitching a ride, and he can see where he is going without a mini-floodlight strapped to his bars. Odd.

    If you want a distraction, try shoving a giant cotton bud down your throat and then up your nose. Works for me. 🙂

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