Not The News: MTB Video Distractions

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Want to spend a few minutes being entirely unproductive? You’re in the right place.

Sam Hill & The Mega

A new video from Sam Hill showing off his skills on the new Nukeproof Mega. Complete with extreme dramatic music. Which makes us wonder, what would be the most incongruous musical overlay for this? Some Satie? A bit of Spice Girls? Give him a bike with a basket and dolly seat, and that’s a video we really want to see!

Josh Lewis TwennyTwenny Mixtape

Such total disregard for his own well being or that of his bike! There is no soundtrack here, just an alarming array of cracking noises and heckling. Loose Dog Lewis shows us a masterclass in schralping, roosting, and other such activities.

Skiers vs Snowboarders

OK, it’s not bikes, but having stumbled across this and had a chuckle at intolerance and fear of the new, we’re now looking around the room and Forum chats and feeling a little uncomfortable. Maybe it’s not just skiers with a bug up their bum?


Harriet Burbidge-Smith might sound like the name of your local MP, but she’s actually an Australian rider otherwise known as Haznation. This video deserves way more views.

Right, get back to it, whatever it was you were doing. Writing a to do list, maybe? ‘Stay home, save lives’?

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    I love that Josh Lewis vid – some bonkers stuff there – and the Haznation one is fab too – some great shots/angles that you don’t usually see and such smooth riding. Ace – thanks!

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