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London Bike Show Cancelled and owner ceases trading

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COVID 19 claims another victim as the operator of The London Bike Show cancels events and ceases trading.

Well, 2021 hasn’t really started as we had optimistically hoped, with new lockdown restrictions taking effect and the news that there will no longer be a London Bike Show to look forward too.

The owners of one of the UK’s largest and best-known cycling events has announced on its website that due the delayed started in exhibitions for 2021, and despite working to put on a show this year, that they would have to cancel the event and ultimately cease trading.

You can read the full statement below or by visiting the official London Bike Show website:

The London Bike and Triathlon London Shows are the latest casualty of the global pandemic. The team have done everything in their powers to keep the business running and working to deliver a 2021 show. However, the delayed restart of exhibitions and mass participation events has left us not knowing the future of events in 2021. The only outcome now for Newtimber Media is to sadly cease trading. Business recovery specialists are in the process of recouping funds from our suppliers and our clients will hear from them in due course with what will happen next. A sad end to what was a successful event, wishing the industry good health and success in the future.

The London Bike Show

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