Leatt 4.0 MTB Enduro – DH Certified helmet with removable chin guard

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Leatt has launched its first DH certified full face helmet with removable chin guard, the 4.0 MTB Enduro.

Leatt 4.0

The helmet is DH certified and is fitted with Leatt’s 360 Turbine Technology, an impact protection system designed to the brain protect from rotational forces in the event of a crash. EPS and EPP foam also serve to absorb any impact.

As you’d expect from Leatt, the helmet is designed to be compatible with a neck brace. The visor is also designed to break away, another potential opportunity to reduce rotational forces.

As well as being safe, it needs to be comfortable if you’re going to want to wear it, so it has 18 vents and promises to give good ventilation even at low speeds. Now that sounds interesting to some of us mortals! The helmet does up under your chin with the help of a Fidlok magnetic buckle.

If you don’t want a chin bar, there’s also the new Leatt 4.0 AM helmet, which looks very similar – but it doesn’t have the catches for the chin bar, so you can’t change your mind later and retrofit one.

Leatt 4.0

Leatt 4.0 MTB Helmet Pricing

  • Leatt 4.0 Enduro – £279.99
  • Leatt 4.0 AM – £169.99
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