Julbo Rush Photochromic Glasses Reviewed and Recommended

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The Julbo Rush is designed to offer top end performance for cycling sports that combine endurance with speed. The Rush feature a full frame design and are available in a range of colours with various lenses. Our test set feature Julbo’s Reactiv photochromic lenses making them an ideal choice for year round use, and they come in at £165.

julbo rush

The Julbo Rush have been designed for ultimate fit and performance, with a big and wide lens to offer loads of coverage and an uninterrupted field of vision, along with maximising protection from the sun.  The nose piece features Julbo’s 3D Nose FIt which uses special pads that are adjustable in every direction to ensure comfort and hold, no matter how rough the trail or how bad the weather. 

julbo rush
Adjustable nose piece

Similarly, the arms feature their own Flex 3 temples technology. They offer adjustment in three specific areas – temple, curve and ears – to add grip and comfort while also making the glasses compatible with a wide range of helmets. The temples also feature a soft material that is designed to add even more grip and comfort, yet not stick to hair.

julbo rush
The arms are easy to shape and have a wide range of adjustment

As mentioned, the lenses are Julbos Reactiv photochromic lenses which basically get darker or lighter depending on light conditions. The lenses go from clear to a smoke grey when activated (cat. 0 to cat. 3, 12% – 87% visible light transmission) making them usable in a huge range of conditions from bright sun to night riding. They also feature an internal anti-fog coating to keep them clear in cold and damp or sweaty conditions, along with vents to further increase the airflow. 

Fit and Performance

I’ve always been quite picky about wearing glasses when riding. One thing that can be a deal breaker for me is how they interact with my helmet. With helmets getting more and protection, and loads of different retention systems, getting glasses that sit nicely and don’t create hotspots isn’t always that simple.

The Julbo Rush fit really well though and since day one have been comfortable to wear in all conditions and haven’t caused any issues. The adjustable nose piece is easy to shape and get comfortable and stays in place. The arms are nice and thin so don’t interfere with low helmets or retention systems and the adjustable arms let you get a really good fit onto the side of your head, again letting you shape them for comfort and to allow for any straps or retention systems.

julbo rush
The arms have a good fit with a range of helmets

Another issue I have with glasses is that I don’t like lenses that ‘alter’ how things look, or slightly distort my vision. The lenses on the Julbo Rush are really clear and even though they’re really curved, there’s no distortion, whether they are in the fully clear or fully tinted states. 

The transition between clear and tinted is nice and quick and I haven’t been caught out by slow transitions when dropping into the dark videos from the open. Dappled and bright light performance is also really good, with no refraction from the highly curved lens.

julbo rush
The big, highly curved lens fits well and offers loads of protection

The lens is nice and big providing plenty of coverage and protection, whether that’s from trail debris or low hanging foliage. One of the biggest reasons for me wearing glasses in the colder months is to stop my eyes from streaming. 

Once the temperature drops and speeds pick up my eyes end up drooling all over my face and the Julbo Rush do a great job of stopping the wind, despite the venting, letting me look ahead on the trail rather than blinking manically trying to see.

julbo rush

Damp weather performance has been good with the glasses remaining fog free on climbs and descents alike, although If it’s really raining though I do tend to take them off as I don’t like riding in glasses that are completely covered in spray and rain.

And while I do tend to run the biggest mud guard I can find, the Rush’s have been coated in their fair share of grit and grime but the lenses are still looking nice and clear and scratch free.


The Rush in sunnier weather in full tint credit: Hannah Bichay

The Julbo Rush’s just work, and work well. The frames are really comfortable and offer plenty of adjustment for different heads and helmets. The lenses are great with quick transitions and no fogging and they’re proving to be pretty durable. Recommended. 

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