Fresh Goods Friday 530 – Well Hello 2021!

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We know that it’s been pretty hard to keep track of what day it is all year, and whack the amorphous zone of Twixtmas into the equation and we suspect some of you might be very surprised to hear it’s Friday. It may not surprise you to discover that the post bag is a little light this week – folks not being too eager to put things in the post when there’s a border queue and a post office queue. But we wanted to get 2021 off to a good start, so to help you orientate yourself and figure out which way is forward, towards the good things that we hope lie in wait for you, we’re bringing you Fresh Goods Friday.

From all of us at Singletrack, we wish you the very best of years ahead, and thank you for supporting us through another year. We really appreciate each and every one of you.

Revgrips Pro Series RG5

We’ve previously reviewed the Pro Series grips, and this is an update to them that adds to the range rather than replacing any of it. This particular size has an ergonomic shape ranging from 32.5mm to 33mm and uses a Super Soft compound combined with a high-traction, subtle, ergonomic design to support your hand where it’s needed. Size wise, the RG5 fits in between a Medium and Large in the existing Pro Series range. It’s available in three additional colours, and has a new 1-piece rubber insert to make fitting less fiddly, and new clamp bolts to reduce risk of breakage. You can pick and mix with other Revgrips parts too. Oh, and we got some coffee, because – do we need reasons, it’s coffee?!

Marmite musical interlude…

Bobo-Balance Home

This is a smart balance board, for balance training. The inflatable wobble pad goes under the board, which then pairs with an app on your phone. Between the board and the app, it tracks your position on the board, allowing you to do a mixture of tests, workouts and even arcade style games. On two feet this at first seems quite simple, but once you start adding in dynamic moves where you have to do more than just balance on the spot, or try one legged balances, things can quickly get quite tricky. Hannah and her kids are testing this out. Much wobbling has been taking place.

For those feeling a little wobbly today, some chilled tunes

Shimano PD-ME700 Pedals

Amanda has had an outbreak of roadieness, but she’s not going all in and has bought these trail pedals for her long distance forays. Hopefully she will also be riding them on trails, for which these are designed. Or maybe we malign her, and she’s actually going all XC. Either way, it looks like there is going to be Lycra in Amanda’s 2021. And probably bruises.

Shimano SPD Cleat Set

To go with the pedals, some cleats. We note that she has not gone for the multi-release option. We shall do our best to equip her riding buddies with a GoPro.

Turbo session, still partying from last night? We’re pretty sure this is our George T, in another life:

Repack Mugs

Races, remember those? And posters? Before the internet, at the dawn of the digital stopwatch, there were the Repack Races, and there were some very cool posters that have now been reproduced on these fine mugs. Why not grab yourself some Singletrack coffee while you’re ordering, and start every day with a reminder that bikes are great.

And for those who need to start the year rocking out to a ukelele…

Wishing you all a very happy 2021, full of good things, and bike rides.

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    And a Feliz Año Nuevo to all of you at STW Towers!

    (But: 100GBP for some grips )

    Happy New Year to you all and your clans, too. Let’s hope 2021 sees you on the up and up and hopefully taking some days off! 🙂

    I love my Rev Grips. Been using them for years now and great for someone who has broken his scaphoid 4 times. Worth every penny.

    a 6 string ukulele is usually called a guitalele

    Happy new year to the Singletrack bunch!

    Unpopular opinion: tiny desk concerts are seriously overrated.

    £100 for a set of grips, do me a favour

    Cleats – it’s probably a question of what you’re used to, but I once bought a set of multi release cleats by mistake after quite a lot of years on regular cleats. I think I probably crashed more frequently from those multi release cleats releasing unexpectedly than I ever did learning to ride clipped in with regular cleats

    I did the same as you, @hopkinsgm – actually, I accidentally fitted ONE multi-release cleat and spent the next fortnight of rides accidentally pulling out of the pedal at the top of every terrifying descent… Took me a while to work out what was going wrong… Fixed cleats for the win.

    If I wear single release cleats I am trapped! My ankles don’t twist outwards, only inwards – which means I always have to move my foot in towards the bike before putting my foot out towards the ground. Which might help explain my love of flats.

    I haven’t tried Revgrips but I know a few people who have, due to some kind of hand or wrist condition and they reckon it makes a big difference.

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