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Breaking: Production Privée unveils prototype CNC downhill bike with The Brigade!

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Production Privée unveils prototype downhill bike to be raced by Alex Marin and The Brigade Team! Made from CNC machined alloy!

Since joining forces with Forestal, we really haven’t seen much new from Production Privée, well except for this one-off Titanium jump frame. But while these steel frame aficionados have been a little on the quiet side, that doesn’t mean they haven’t been hard at work on something.

Today Production Privée has announced that it has increased it’s support for The Brigade WC downhill team, by not just providing them with a cockpit but an entire prototype downhill frame! Riders familiar with Production Privée will know that the brand has been keen supporters of steel, but with new technology and an in-house manufacturing facility in Andorra, PP has been able to play with new materials.

The Group B, Production Privée downhill bike is machined from two solid blocks of aluminium that are welded together in Andorra at the Forestal Technology Center. The two halves create a monocoque frameset which attaches to a linkage driven suspension platform producing 205mm of rear-wheel travel. While we don’t know much about the kinematics of the suspension, the design is similar to the Twin Levity system seen on the Siryon eMTB, as is the split top tube design of this CNC’d downhill machine.

Production Privée and The Brigade hasn’t revealed the geometry of the bike as this prototype is still undergoing testing, but we have put forward questions to Damien at PP and will update this article with more info as we receive it. We do know that the current bike is designed to accept either dual 29in wheels or a mullet combo depending on the track and rider preference.

While the main focus is on frameset, The Brigade press release and Production Privée specifications also name a few other previously unseen parts. The rear shock is a coil model from Suntour which a few teams had tested last year. The new info confirms the shock to be called the Voro. Another new piece of kit is the front Vee Tire Attack HPL tyre, again this is something we’ve seen tested over the past season but this is the first time we’ve seen it named.

In the following press release, The Brigade lists it’s new sponsors for 2021 including Formula, Galfer and Bluegrass as well as returning sponsors, Crankbrothers, Monkeys Sauce, HXR, Kenny, and Vee Tire Co.

prototype production privee dh bike the brigade

The Brigade Press Release:

It’s something we’ve secretly been working away on over the past year. A project so big it has been difficult to keep a secret, and news so exciting we can’t sit on it for any longer.

For 2021 The Brigade Team will be racing the Downhill World Cup season on a completely new chassis designed, developed and manufactured in Andorra by Production Privée at the Forestal Technology Centre. Yes, you read that correctly, those purveyors of sexy steel bikes at Production Privée have turned their attention to the downhill World Cup with a completely new bike featuring revolutionary new suspension and cutting edge, in-house, manufacturing.

The guys and girls at the Forestal Technology Centre have been working so hard on this project that they’ve not even had the chance to name it, but we don’t think that matters because this machine really speaks for itself.

Thanks to their new manufacturing facility, and partnership with Forestal Group, Production Privée has used the new tech at their disposal to seamlessly move from steel to a cutting-edge CNC manufacturing process. The PP DH frame is machined from solid blocks of aluminium which are hand-welded together in Andorra to create a monocoque frame stiff enough for the roughest of UCI DH tracks.

This race-ready rig runs 205mm of rear-wheel travel via a Twin Levity linkage system developed by Forestal and re-engineered for downhill racing from the Siryon Enduro bike. 

Alex Marin of The Brigade has been secretly testing the new bike during the off-season and judging by his on-track speed and off-track smiles, we’re confident we’re on to something really good;

“First time I saw the bike I knew they did a fantastic job with it. The bike itself looks as good as how it works on track. The first impression when I rode it, was like home for me. They worked so hard on the geometry to make it super easy to adapt to it and get up to speed pretty quick. My first big thought was how sensitive it was, the first bit of the travel is amazing, you can go thru those rock gardens and braking bumps and the bike will always stay on the line. I’m so happy to see that we’ll have such a great machine to race at the highest level, and hopefully, with the help of the team and the brand, make it grow to the very top!”Alex Marin

The partnership between The Brigade Team and Production Privée began in 2020 when Production Privée supported the team for its first season with cockpit components. Over the year the relationship blossomed and through a shared love of bikes, racing and fast cars the Production Privée DH bike was born:

“This project is part of a deeper R&D project that we are carrying on manufacturing technologies and this is just the first milestone. Our next step is going lead us on major chassis manufacturing innovations and products that hopefully will be presented during the year more will come during 2021 and 2022. Steel lovers shouldn’t be afraid! We have good stuff coming, and products that the racer can enjoy too!”Damien Nosella Co Founder Production Privée

If our project downhill bike wasn’t news enough for you all, then we would like to take this opportunity to introduce our new and returning sponsors for the 2021 racing season.

Production Privée – Production Privée the unreal engineers behind our new frameset will also provide The Brigade with their race-winning cockpit.

SR Suntour – We’re stoked to be riding Suntour again. We’ve loved their suspension for a long time, and love working with this passionate brand.

Vee Tire Co. – When we’re hitting the DH tracks as hard and fast as Alex is, we need a strong tire partner and with Vee Tire Co. we have the best rubber on the race track.

Monkeys Sauce – Keeping our ultra-rare new framesets clean and factory fresh is our maintenance and sealant partner, Monkeys Sauce.
Kenny – Comfortable, stylish and cool. Who else would we want to wear and represent.

Bluegrass – We take safety seriously and with Bluegrass onboard we can take to the track without any concerns.

Crankbrothers – Our riders loved their first season on Crankbrothers Synthesis wheels and we’re stoked to be working with this legendary brand for the coming season.

Formula – We welcome Formula for 2021. With our new, faster bike, we need reliable brakes to keep us under control and we can think of none better.

GALFER – Galfer is another exciting new partner for the team. Their experience in the moto field is indispensable and we love the power and feel of their precision discs and pads.

Fizik – When we think of strong, light, comfortable saddles engineered for performance there can only be one choice. Fizik is known for their design and engineering and we’re proud to have them on board.

HXR – HXR’s innovative Easyshift chainset is one of The Brigade’s secret weapons and allows our racers to shift without pedalling.

If you thought this was big news then stay tuned as The Brigade has some huge and exciting rider announcements coming soon.

The Brigade

Production Privée Prototype DH Specs

  • Frame: Production Privée Group B, machined alloy, 205mm travel
  • Shock: SR Suntour VORO Coil 230 x 75mm
  • Fork: SR Suntour Rux RC+
  • Headset: Production Privée EC49
  • Stem: Production Privée 548
  • Handlebar: Production Privée LG series
  • Grips: Production Privée CR35
  • Seatpost: Fizik
  • Saddle: Fizik Gravita Alpaca X5
  • Brakes: Forumla Cura 4 with Galfer 203mm rotors
  • Chainset: HXR Easy Shift
  • Front Wheel: Crankbrothers Synthesis Carbon DH 29
  • Rear Wheel: Crankbrothers Synthesis Carbon DH 27.5 or 29er
  • Front Tyre: Vee Tire Co Attack HPL 29
  • Rear Tyres: Vee Tire Co Snap WCE 27.5 or 29er

We’ll hopefully have more information about this exciting new project to share with you soon.

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