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We’ve all completed Netflix, so if you’re in the same boat here are a few mountain bike videos to keep you occupied for a minute or two. Some may impress you, others may make you turn your head and squint trying to figure out what just happened, and others may inspire you to get out and ride.

Gabriel Wibmer – Flipping Out Downhill

It seems entirely possible that this is actually an advert for a bike rack. Extra kudos for riding up the roof as well as down it.

Matt Macduff – Title MTB

Ridiculous. Just ridiculous. You’ll probably have to watch this more than once. Also: what tyres for wet plywood?

Kyle Strait – I Think I’ll Have Another

No Red Bull Rampage doesn’t mean there’s no one out there riding in the desert. Eep.

Loam for Christmas

This is basically a Christmas card from Kona, but it’s full of feel good frolics, and DOGS. We know you like dogs, because you’ve gone just a little bit crazy over the cover on our calendar. Grab yours free with the latest copy of Singletrack, now.

4 Season in the Aravis

Tito Tomasi is out exploring a corner of France that has some amazing looking trails. And some that make our knees go wobbly. 

Reasons – Margaux Elliott

Fancy riding a million feet of climbing in a year? Of course you don’t. How about if we say you’re going to do it on a long travel full suspension bike? Yeah, you’re probably not still keen. Margaux Elliott did it however, and in this video she does a pretty good job of explaining why it might be worth the effort.

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