Christmas Countdown Day 2 | The Kona Care Package

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Welcome to Day Two of our big Goodbye to 2020, Hello to 2021, Advent/Christmas/New Year Daily Countdown Giveaway. Today, as with every day in our GHACNYDCG, you have two chances to win. Let’s see what it is today.

Kona Care Package

  • Price: £275
  • From: Kona
kona workshop care package christmas countdown

What we have to give away today is everything that a budding home mechanic will need to keep them happy and sane, along with a few tidbits to perk up your bike, all courtesy of those Canadian pioneers, Kona Bikes!

In our jumbo bundle, we have a heavy rubber Kona workshop (or door) mat, a workshop apron, a selection of espresso cups and beer (or other deluxe beverage) cups – enough to keep any home mechanic happy. And for your bike, we have some grips and a pair of Kona’s excellently named Wah Wah Pedals.

How do I enter?

Log in to reveal the entry form in this story and answer the question you’ll find there. The answer you seek will be in the video below.

Answering the daily question gives you two chances to win: you’ll be entered into the daily draw for that day’s prize; and you’ll also get one entry into the Megasack draw.

Every time you correctly answer a daily question and enter a daily draw, you get another entry into the Megasack. You can go back and enter the daily answers after that daily prize has been drawn, and it will still give you an extra entry into the Megasack draw.

Today’s Video

Enter Here

Have I won?

The winner of yesterday’s daily draw is: stumpy01, who wins yesterday’s deluxe Guy Martin Proper cleaner and degreaser selection.

Congratulations! Check your email! And give us a whoop in the comments below!

If you missed it you can still enter for the mega Sack prize draw, so check it out below.

Keep entering every day to give yourself the greatest chance of winning the Megasack. We’ll announce the winner in 2021, once we’re finally clear of 2020.

Comments (12)

    Sorry about my complaint yesterday but today’s video was much smoother, thanks. I’m now not sure I do need new glasses as my eyes seemed to work watching this one today.

    multiple daily entries will void all entries. sure fair enough.
    i just sent twice by mistake, not being sure that it had gone first time since the form was blank again.
    any way just to make this impossible?

    or just SENT. THANK-YOU..

    I made the same mistake as single07… Could the entry form be hidden from an account once entries have been submitted from that account?
    Loving the countdown again… now I know it’s nearly christmas!

    what we will do is a) Try and make multiple entries impossible.. but also b) take your first entry and delete the rest.

    Last year before the end I went back and entered every day that I’d missed, for the megasack entries. This year it appears there’s no way to tell if I’ve already entered for that day? Which also means potential mistaken double entries as pointed out above.

    @Mark – for info I just did the same as single07 & homatron – I’m sure the form disappeared after entering last year? Might be an idea to change the ‘multiple entries’ message to make it reflect the policy you’ve described rather than saying you’re never going to win anything ever again.

    And Happy Christmas! Glad you made it through 2020!

    Woah!! I won!? I never win anything!? Pinch, Punch, First of the Month!!

    No excuse now for any of my bikes to look as filthy & grotty as they currently do, I suppose!

    Thanks STW & thanks Guy Martin’s cleaning product stuff company!

    No e-mail though to the account I think I entered with….

    Is that Chipps’ band playing the funky muzak?

    I don’t seem to be able to today’s at all. The question doesn’t even come up. It’s anyone else having problems? Yesterday’s worked fine.

    Hoping there’s beer later on eh?

    I’ve just entered the first 2 days with my actual name, should I be using my forum name instead?
    Just seen Stumpy01 won yesterdays so I’m guessing yes…Will it matter??

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