Whether you like it or not, bikes are political

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Columnist Mildred Locke addresses those who would say ‘stick to bikes, keep politics out of it’ – she thinks bikes are political. Following my last column, there’s another phenomenon I want to delve into. Beneath almost every racism-related post from a cycling brand or publication lurks a noisy minority, outraged by the intrusion of ‘politics’ into their social media feed. View this post on Instagram NBA legend and cycling fanatic Reggie Miller has teamed up with our clothing partner Castelli to launch this incredibly powerful ‘Say Their Names’ custom kit. Cycling has a history of under-representation of BAME riders and...

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Mildred is a freelance writer and a utilitarian cyclist at heart, determined to do everything on a bike, from shopping to moving house. Since 2016 she's volunteered as a mechanic and workshop coordinator at the Bristol Bike Project, and now sits on its board of directors. At home on slicks and knobblies alike, her ideal ride covers long distances through remote countryside, on mixed terrain that offers a bit of crunch. She’s easily won over by steel frames coupled with a small-wheel-big-tyre combo, and currently rides a custom Clandestine off-road tourer with drop bars and 26x2.8inch tyres.

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