Trash Bandits – A Half Term Excuse To Get Outside!

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If you need a little extra motivation to get outside this half term, then maybe this Trash Bandit Bingo from Trash Free Trails will do the trick (or treat).

Trash Free Trails encourages people to think about the products they use and how they affect the environment after they’ve reached the end of their useful life with you. Do you need a pre packed flapjack in a plastic wrapper, or could you make your own and take it in a reusable tub? What about a CO2 cartridge – would a pump be better? By encouraging reuse and a reduction in waste, they hope that there’ll be less to litter the trails in the first place. But, there’s still litter to be picked, and they’re encouraging you to go out and find it.

Rather than just collecting it and binning it, they’d like you to collect it and tell them what you find, before you bin it. That’s because Trash Free Trails has an ongoing scientific study taking place to monitor the types of litter being found on our trails – which should help target future waste reduction efforts. If you want to know more about that study you can check out The State of Our Trails report.

There are a bunch of Halloween and autumn themed activities suggested on the Trash Free Trails site, including ‘Trash Bandit Bingo’, where your kids (or you!) can tally up all the inner tubes, sweet wrappers and poo bags (ugh) you find before submitting your data to the State of Our Trails report.

With the inevitable flurry of Halloween novelties and sweet wrappers adding to the recent phenomenon of disposable face masks on the paths and trails around us, a trip out to do a spot of trail tidying on your doorstep this half term could be very timely.

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