Nominations Are Open – 2020 Singletrack Reader Awards

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singletrack reader awards 2020 sponsored by muc-off

Nominations for the Singletrack Reader Awards will close at Midnight Sunday 18th October. Don’t miss out on your chance to show your appreciation for your favourite bikes, kit, trails and people…

You don’t need us to tell you that this has been an exceptional year in all senses. We’ve all been affected in various ways in almost every aspect of life. However, not all of it has been bad and in many cases, bike riders have been rediscovering the joys of riding locally, or of fixing up old bikes, or revamping new ones while we wait for a chance to ride further afield. In addition, many new riders have come into our sport this year, swapping the gym or the commute by bus with a bike ride. And, for the rest of us, freed up from travelling to and from events and big riding trips at the other end of the country, or with time in the day or evenings normally given up to commuting, many of us have actually found more time to ride than ever before. 

With this in mind, we’re once again opening nominations for the 2020 Singletrack Reader Awards. You’re invited to suggest nominations for every category that you have strong feelings about. The nominations need to be accompanied by a quick sentence as to why you’re suggesting them for that category. In the product categories, they have to be a product that was launched since late 2019 and available to buy in 2020.

Once we have our sack full of nominations, our editorial team will sift through them, adding their own suggestions too, and come up with a shortlist of finalists. These will be announced and then we’ll turn the whole thing over to you, the readers to vote. The winners will be announced in November and will be given their awards in a remote prize giving ceremony.

The Singletrack Reader Awards are awards given to a bunch of deserving individuals and companies by you the readers. The awards are split into two phases. First comes the nominations round and then all registered site users will get the chance to vote on the final winners.

Go directly to the nominations form

Introducing our sponsor – Muc-Off

We couldn’t put on our awards without the help from our sponsor and this year we are proud to announce that Muc-Off have stepped in to help celebrate the achievements of the bike industry over the last 12 months.

Checkout last year’s winners

Categories for 2020

We want to hear your nominations (and justifications) for each of the categories. But first, here’s the categories in detail…

singletrack reader awards 2020 sponsored by muc-off

For this award we are looking for the best component, gadget or accessory. It’s not a complete bike, it’s not edible and you can’t wear it. Think components, bars, brakes, seatposts. What has given you the most bang for your buck in terms of your riding this year. Nominations must still be available for retail sale and not be discontinued.

singletrack reader awards 2020 sponsored by muc-off

It’s clothes, right? Shorts, jerseys, eyewear. If you put it on and check it out it in a mirror before you ride then it’s up for the vote.

Make sure that your nominated item is still available to buy new.

Best Bike

Three categories for this one.

  • Best bike for under £2000
  • Best bike under £4500
  • Best bike over £4500

We are looking for that bike that is part of you. That is value for money and fits the way you want to ride perfectly. The bike that helps not hinders the way you want to ride – that pushes you to ride harder, further and for longer. That bike that just doesn’t let you down when you need it. They must be currently on sale models launched in 2020.

singletrack reader awards 2020 sponsored by muc-off

This category is open to all e-MTBs. They must be currently on sale models launched in 2020 and there’s no price limitations on this one.

We are looking for the e-MTB that is pushing the limits of the technology. A bike that not only helps with the power but adds to the ride.

singletrack reader awards 2020 sponsored by muc-off

We are looking for that one image that makes you pause and stare. The one that perfectly sums up why you ride or what you wish you could ride. It could be an image that captures the moment perfectly, or one that makes your heart race. The rules are that the image must have been published in Singletrack Magazine or in 2020. Give us the issue and page number or include a link to the image itself if it is on our website.

singletrack reader awards 2020 sponsored by muc-off

A new category for this year, we’re looking for your nominations for the best video. Did it make you laugh, teach you something, wow your eyes, or touch your soul? To qualify, it must have been published on YouTube during 2020, be free to view, and it needs to be about bikes!

singletrack reader awards 2020 sponsored by muc-off

We want to find the published author or columnist from either the mag or the website that has inspired you the most to get out and ride.

Whose words switched something on inside your head that had you reaching for the kit drawer before heading out to get on your bike? Or was it a feature that made you think about some aspect of your riding in a different way?

Have you read a travel feature that had you dreaming and checking the bank balance?

These are the features we are looking for. Authors must have been published by us in either the mag or online in 2020.

singletrack reader awards 2020 sponsored by muc-off

For that personal face to face service, this category is for the shop you visit and hand over cash to a person across a till. Which shop offers the whole package from smiles and expertise to the best deals, prices or extras? Who goes that extra mile for your custom?

It’s not just about price, it’s about the whole experience. UK bike shops only please!

singletrack reader awards 2020 sponsored by muc-off

Who has worked the hardest, raced the fastest (not much of that going on this year though), championed the most or just helped enable more of us to get out and ride. Whose presence has made your 2020 that little bit better – who has inspired you the most in 2020?

singletrack reader awards 2020 sponsored by muc-off

Which destination has it all? From the best trails to the best cake in the cafe afterwards. We are looking for the ultimate all-rounder. Think trails, facilities, location… Which centre gives more smiles per mile than any other and leaves you planning the return before you’ve left the car park?

Any UK trail centre is eligible, so get your nominations in.

How to nominate on Social media

This year you can nominate any way you like. On social media use the hashtag…


You can tell us on twitter, tag your LBS and our hashtags in an Instagram photo of your favourite bike shop, Instagram your bike if you think it’s the best bike ever, create a Facebook post about why your favourite trail centre should win – any of these and any other ways you can think of will work. So long as you use the hashtags. If you don’t, we won’t see it.

Also, you must give us a reason for your nomination. Just tagging them is not enough. Tell us why your nomination should count.

Tell us why?

Don’t just list names. Tell us why you are nominating this product/company/person and in which category. The better the reason the more likely your nomination will make it through to the final vote. The voting phase starts today and all registered website users will be able to cast their votes at the click of a button in each category.

Here’s a handy list to paste into your nomination form:

Best Hardware
Best Software
Best Bike:
* under £2000
* under £4500
* over £4500
Best e-MTB
Best Image
Best Video
Best Author
Best Bike Shop
Mountain Bike Personality of the Year
Best Trail Centre

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Nominate now

Remember that we need you to tell us why you think your nominee deserves to win a reader award. You have space for up to 500 words so don’t hold back.

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