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October’s issue of Singletrack Magazine, Issue 133. has landed! Here’s what’s inside, plus some cunning ways to get the most for your money.

There’s no denying it: the leaves are turning, the air has that whiff of over ripeness turning to decay, and the sting of sunburn is (almost) certainly behind us. Morning mists, chilly nights and afternoons of long shadows are the ride conditions to grasp, get out and enjoy. Rivers of rain washing through piles of leaves, winds whipping through thermals and drizzle creeping down the back of your neck are the ride conditions to endure, knowing there’s the warm glow of satisfaction to be waiting at the end.

The real life magazine is here, now.

As we soak up the last rays of sunlight and prepare to dive into the months of slick and muddy trails, now is the time to buy your membership to Singletrackworld. If you join us today, you’ll be on the mailing list ready for the December issue, plus you’ll be able to buy this glowing red autumnal issue at the discounted Member’s rate.

What’s inside? Let’s start with some UK based features, for all those staying on our little island…

UK Adventure: Night Riding

Barney Marsh looks at the shifting benefits and reasons for riding in the dark throughout the changing seasons of the year with the help of James Vincent’s awesome photos.

UK Adventure: Doon The Watter

Sanny’s mellow jaunt down the Scottish coast takes in dune riding, castles, seaside singletrack and Trump Turnberry goons.

Classic Ride: Nan Bield

A truly classic, Classic Ride, this Lake District pass includes all the Lakeland essentials of hike-a-bike, unpredictable weather, loose shale and a welcome pint at the finish..

Pete’s Pros: Isla Short

Pete is used to trailing in the wake of pro riders, trying to interview them, but cross country pro Isla Short made sure he had a tough time both up and downhill.

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Island living may be a little claustrophobic after a while, so let’s head overseas for broader horizons…

International Adventure: Blood And Honey: A Balkans Story

Carlos Blanchard and friends ride through the stunning scenery and all-too-recent bloody history of the Balkans to find a quiet region still undiscovered by bikes.

Bellingham, Washington

Why have Kona, Evil and Transition all set up in Bellingham? A great riding scene, pro-active trail building, breweries and incredible scenery are just some reasons why this could be the best mountain bike town you’ve never heard of. 

Wherever you’re riding, you’re going to need some gear, so let’s check out what we have in the tech pages this issue…

Kit Essentials: Shoes

Shoes are one of those non-optional essential mountain bike elements. Here is a selection of flat and clip-in shoes that have been keeping the Singletrack team attached to the pedals this year.

Bike Test: The ‘Bikes Are Great’ Test

We look at three disparate bikes from Marin, Pipedream and Specialized that all use different materials and outlooks in order to make all three bikes capable down-trail machines.

Wherever you are, and whatever you’re riding, we’re all part of a big bike culture. We’ve got columns and features celebrating and examining the ‘this is why’ of riding – so if you’re looking out the window and thinking ‘meh’, let us put you into a better frame of mind:

That Magic 200 Metres Of Trail

Our writers sum up just why that one, short, bit of trail keeps them awake at night, wanting to ride it again. Sometimes it’s a descent, other times a corner, but it’s always a special moment. 

Catch My Drift: Whip

Barney is helping to translate the language of the youth for us. In this case, he looks at ‘whip’. Is it something you ride? Something you do? Or is it better with a walnut on top?

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Column: Jason Miles

Jason’s made a change to his training. And it’s not an exercise or a gadget or something special that you do. It’s something you don’t do that’s the key.

Column: Adam Batty

Adam Batty recalls snapshots of a weekend full of off-road adventure and suggests that you should do the same…

Last Word:  The Standoff

Amanda recalls the only inhospitable moment from her trip to Denmark…

And of course, as always there’s our gorgeous wraparound cover, so that even before you’ve picked it up, Singletrack Issue 133 will have you wanting to reach for your helmet, maybe your waterproof, and ride.

Photographer Grant Gunderson • Britney White riding the Cutthroat trail, Washing State

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