Join us at the GT Malverns Classic.

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Let’s All Mess About On Bikes Again.

We want being a Singletrack full member to be bigger and better than it’s ever been. Now there is not only the awesome magazine and website, but also a load of exclusive perks. In the members’ area you will find discounts, insurance, routes, and our review archive. We are also super keen to have a social event too. You know, so we can all hang out in the sunshine and mess about on bikes.

Rather than organising our own event, we thought “Hey, let’s just go to the biggest party in the MTB calendar… The GT Malverns Classic”. Si Paton, the event organiser, thought this was a brilliant idea and after some very straight forward wheeling and dealing, Singletrack members are now looking at an extra special weekend on 26-29th August 2021.

malverns summer hillside
You can never tire of sunshine, hanging out and bikes.

Singletrack Exclusives

As a Singletrack member you will get a load of exclusive perks at the GT Malverns Classic:

  • Exclusive Singletrack camping area, with our own toilets (we are unsure if this is a good thing or a bad thing?).
  • Saturday Singletrack group picnic ride.
  • Join Chipps and the STW crew in the exclusive Singletrack VIP area to watch the World Cup DH live on a giant 9x5m TV screen.
  • Unwind at the Singletrack Happy Hour.
  • Exercise your freedom of speech whilst watching the racing at the “Singletrack Heckling Corner” (we have not told Si about this yet).
  • Wake up to Chipps’s “Ride & Shine Sunday Morning Chill Out” DJ set. Yes, this is a real thing, and don’t worry, apparently it’s now OK to listen to Pat Benatar and Fleetwood Mac.
MC Chipps Mayhem
“quite lidderally poptastic mate”

The kids are alright…

The GT Malverns Classic is very family friendly and they have just announced that they are also hosting the Balance Bike World Champs. This is great news for the wee people, however personally I think its utterly unfair to exclude middle aged, slightly overweight, not shy of beer athletes such as myself. If you can pass yourself off as a 2-5 year old, you will find the info you need here

malverns balance bike race
Just a few more years, and a pedal shall strike down upon thee shin with great vengeance and furious anger. And you will know my name is DMR when I lay my spikey vengeance upon thee.

Riders ready, let’s go racing

Beyond the Singletrack exclusives there is also more racing than you can shake a stick or beer can at. For some this will be an opportunity to sprint like a hero into the first corner of eternal racing glory. For others, including myself, it’s just a fine opportunity to work on my tan while watching people cock up the legendary Malvern bomb hole.

  • Balance Bikes
  • Haibike e-Bike Challenge
  • GT Bicycles Dual Slalom
  • Pump Track Racing
  • Funnduro/Enduro
  • TRP Lake Ride
  • Retro Show and Shine 
  • Spank British Whip Off 
  • Cross Country
  • Schwalbe Tyres Downhill
Malverns classic lake ride
Suspect your partner might be a witch? Simply enter them into the Malverns Witch Trials.


  • Music
  • Camping
  • Bar
  • Bike Demo
  • Lots of trade stands
  • FREE children’s Fun Fair (again, middle aged men matter)
Malverns Classic racing
Who knew that synchronised racing is actually a thing?

OK let’s go…

If you think that sounds like the best weekend of the year (and I can assure you it is) go to and make sure you tick the “Are you a Singletrack World Member?” box at checkout. Bring a screen shot of your virtual membership card which can be found here. We will update you with the itinerary nearer then time. Covid has kicked almost all 2020 events in the balls, but do not worry as the small print says: “We offer a full refund, less the booking fee if we cancel prior to the event opening”.

Go ahead, click on the link below, stick the date in your diary, tell your mates, start polishing your purple bits, and support a great British bike festival.

We sincerely look forward to hanging out with you all, emptying a few of those plastic pint glasses, riding bikes and debating the demise of bar ends.

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Comments (7)

    What if you already booked last year after it was rained off, and coughed off this year?

    “a pedal shall strike down upon thee shin with great vengeance and furious anger. And you will know my name is DMR when I lay my spikey vengeance upon thee”


    For full biblical type quotation,King James1st style,should read “thine shin”

    Chipps,for full biblical type quotation,King James1st style,it should read “thine shin”

    Righto… let’s go:
    Konarob… And anyone else already paid up, but not marked up as a STW member. email me on Charlie dot Hobbs at Singletrack And I will add you to the list manually.

    Sorry my language education was rubbish. I barely have a GCSE in English, but somehow ended up writing adverts for most of my life. I once turned up at Bristol bike fest a few days early and ended up in the park watching “the tempest” with far too much cider and sunshine.

    Hi, if you purchased a ticket for 2019 and held onto it for this year. Then it will still be valid for 2021. It will be sent out to you a week before the event. Always check your SPAM folder just incase. You can also log into and download your ticket, again a week prior to next years event. I hope that helps! Si.. 07968 229 359 /

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