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Don’t Be A Discount Dick

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We have been beavering away at Singletrack HQ, working on a Singletrack Members Area, and it is coming on very nicely. Here you will find a bunch of great perks that make being a Singletrack subscriber even more wonderful, such as killer discounts on cool stuff.

Best deals and discount codes

We have lined up some killer deals. Take the Sixth Element wheels or Asgard security sheds discounts for example. The carbon wheelsets are around a thousand pounds, and the sheds start at £445. Hell, either of those two discounts more than cover your annual Singletrack membership.

Check this lot out. We have negotiated a load of rather generous deals with a bunch of cool companies, just for you. On the savings list we have:

  • Inov-8 footwear – click through for the details
  • Cotswold Outdoor 15% off online and instore.
  • Freewheel 20% off in October.
  • 5% off Sixth Element Wheels.
  • 10% off Yellow Jersey Cycle Insurance.
  • Polaris Clothing 15% off
  • Showerpass Clothing 15% off
  • 10% off Asgard security sheds
  • £5.00 off Bum Butter in the Singletrack shop. We literally have your arse covered.
  • 15% Off the entire Tonic CBD range
  • 15% Off CraftyAF alcohol free beer
  • More discounts are being added every week.

No discount dicking

Make sure you are logged in, then click here, go to the “Save” section and the codes will be revealed. But please do not be a discount dick. You see, I have negotiated these fine deals with these great companies especially for Singletrack Members. Please do not leak these discount codes or share them, as they can cancel the code and you would have balls’d this up for everyone. No discount dicking, OK.

If you are seeing this message right now it is because you are…

  • A full member but you’ve forgotten to log in.
  • Not a full member yet

If it’s the latter then check out what we have to offer you when you join us. Joining us as a full member is the best way you can help us secure our future. We promise to do everything we can to keep you and make it worth your while.

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Charlie Hobbs

Merch & Marketing Manager at Singletrack

Grumpy, happy, hairy, overweight and awesome. I started riding offroad in 1978, and never stopped. I was once Charlie The Bikemonger, I invented orienBEERing, the Clunker Classic, and the Dorset Gravel Dash. I own the Bum Butter brand and I'm a co-owner of Dirt Dash Events. I also work at Singletrack, I have the self-appointed job title of "Overlord of the leftovers" and look after the merch shop, and marketing. Other interests include skateboards, surfboards, motorbikes, and cooking (I invented the Beefer Reefer).

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