Danny Hart To Join Cube?

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Where is Danny Hart off to? The rumours abound…

Remember when we told you that the UK’s primo DH rider was leaving team Saracen and everyone was wondering where he was going? Well we have some rumours and some industry insider secret confirmations as to his future racing plans.

Our George Thompson fancied The Syndicate as being a good option for Danny – but Forumites pooh-poohed this idea.

Much was made of Danny’s ‘The future’s bright’ statement. Was this just a passing turn of phrase, or was it meaningful? Was he off to Orange?

While our Forumites seem keen to have Danny go to Atherton Bikes, we were pretty sure that wasn’t going to happen – as we suspect in their heart of hearts they know too. Because we’re pretty confident we know where Danny is off to, but none of the sources we have are able to go on the record – perhaps there is still some paperwork to sign, or perhaps the small matter of a race in Maribor is the issue.

Rob Warner’s ‘square brand’ reference (go to Mark Wallace’s run) was the most brazen clue/ cat-out-the-bag moment. The chat caught on: could Danny be off to Cube? 

Well, yes. That’s the brand we’re hearing Danny is off to race for, and it would make a lot of sense.

danny hart cube

With a new carbon fibre Two15 DH bike on their roster they’ll be wanting a racer to make an impact. Phil Atwill is already on their books, but with him now living in Greece a British rider that’s out and about in the UK to help raise the profile of their new bike makes a lot of sense. Investment in a carbon fibre mould needs to pay off in bike sales.

We’ve reached out to Cube for official confirmation – Danny is a bit too busy on the race track for Saracen to be giving statements – but so far it’s radio silence on the official channels. Guess we’d best keep watching Rob Warner run his mouth?

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