5 ways to fix riding problems using zip ties, glue and video at double speed… wtf?

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Having problems riding and turning your head to see what’s behind you? Just use a coat-hanger and a big badge to fashion a rear view mirror and attach it to your head so you can only see ahead with one eye.

Think we are being stupid? It’s not us, it’s this lot from one of those sped up craft hack videos on Facebook.

Marvel at the use of zip ties over gear cables. Nod knowingly as you watch someone literally glue a phone to their bars, and you won’t believe what you can do in a few seconds with some pipe lagging.

We all watched this with our mouths open and it got us to wondering if the rest of the planet sees it the way we do (and you will). Perhaps it’s the same for chefs when they watch those overhead videos on how to make a 4 tier wedding cake in 3 minutes using only flour, ice cream and kale. Anyway, watch this and keep score. You get a point for an intake of breath and a bonus of 5 for every time you shout “WTF are you doing?” at your screen.

Here’s a free bonus point to get started – this video has been viewed over 14 million times so far and can anyone explain to us what she’s doing with her shoe and the kick stand at the start?

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