Look! Funny Looking Flat Pedals From Look!

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Look introduces flat pedals for mountain bikers, city riders, and night riders – some look more conventional than others!

If you think of Look, you probably think of clippy pedals, quite possibly with a brightly coloured Lycra outfit not too far away. So it’s a bit of a surprise to see three sets of flat pedals from this company – though only one set is what we usually mean by flat pedals. The others are… kinda funny looking.

Look Trail Roc

  • Price: 69,90 EUR, 70USD

Starting with the flat pedals for mountain biking, the Trail Roc is an alloy flat pedal with 110mmx110mm platform with 17mm thickness and 12 pins. The pins are set at different heights – 10mm on the front and rear, and 8mm in the centre – for a concave shape. Look says ‘Whether smashing rocks on steep technical trails or floating it out with style, it is more than capable of handling enduro, trail, downhill and BMX riding.’

The pedals have a claimed weight of 215g and are constructed with two sets of premium ball bearings in the spindle and a DU bushing, with a forged Chromoly axle. If Look sponsored XC team Team KMC ORBEA start using these, we’ll really know that XC has got hardcore, but we’ll certainly expect the Sunn Enduro Team to be using these.

Look Trail Grip & Geo City Grip

  • Price:
    • GEO CITY GRIP: RRP 59.90 EUR
    • TRAIL GRIP: RRP 59.90 EUR
    • GEO CITY: RRP 29.90 EUR

These are flat pedals for trail riding or city riding, though they’re certainly not what we’re used to using on the trail. Both have a Vibram rubber layer. The Trail Grip version look like they’ve peeled the sole off your trail running shoes and stuck them onto the pedals. Meanwhile the Geo City Grip version are smoother, but with composite pins for traction, and the Geo City is just a simple urban styled pedal without the Vibram Activ Grip layer. The rubber covers come in a range of colours, so you can swap them out to match your outfit, or as the rubber wears, though Look promises that they are very durable. 

‘The compound and shape of the LOOK Activ Grip are designed to ensure a safer and grippier position on the pedal for urban footwear and outdoor technical shoes. The GEO CITY GRIP has grooves of different heights and orientations on the rubber to ensure a safer, more comfortable position on the pedal, and neatly positioned water-draining channels. The TRAIL GRIP has instead broad rubber lugs to give stability to the foot, and durability to the pedal for the demands of any terrain. 

There’s also a Geo City Vision version, where there are rechargeable lights with a 20 hour run time built into the pedal body.

We’d be interested to see how these match up with different types of shoe, and also under wet conditions. It’s tricky to imagine how the trail version might perform – we’d assume they’re more for light trails rather than true mountain biking.

All Look flat pedals are available now from Look dealers, check out the Look website for more information.

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