Latest North East UK Lockdown | How this affects mountain bikers

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From Midnight tonight (Thursday 17th September) if you live or travel to the North East of the UK you are likely to experience enhanced lockdown restrictions that mean your plans might have to change.

The new lockdown rules make it illegal to socialise with anyone outside of your household until further notice. This means any group rides you have planned in the area with people from other households will not be legal.

north east lockdown

Rule breakers are liable to be fined £100 if caught with persistent offenders potentially facing up to £3k fines.

While in the rest of the UK some exemptions for organised sporting events of more than 6 people (Rule of 6) exist it’s highly questionable to try and get round the regulations by suggestion your regular ride with your mates is anything remotely organised. We are mountain bikers – being organised is anathema to most of us.

Within the lockdown area the rules are clear. You can’t ride with anyone outside your household.

The areas affected in the North East UK are..

  • Northumberland
  • Newcastle
  • Sunderland
  • North and South Tyneside
  • Gateshead
  • County Durham

In summary that includes all areas north of the North Yorkshire border and east of the Cumbria border up to the Scottish border and most of the landscape on the eastern flank of the North Pennine hills from Cow Green reservoir. It includes a limited area of the North York Moors national park that crosses the North Yorkshire border but excludes Dalby Forest.

Kielder Forest in Northumberland falls within the restrictions.

The trails are open but only if you ride with people you live with in the NE

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Comments (7)

    “The new lockdown rules make it illegal to socialise with anyone outside of your household until further notice” incorrect it is not illegal to socialise with anyone outside your household…directly from Durham county
    council website “Residents must not socialise with other people outside of their own households or support bubble in private homes and gardens.” It is illegal if you go to their house or garden.

    It is not illegal to ride with someone not from your household BUT the advice is not to do it “Residents are also advised to adhere to the following guidance to further reduce rates of infection:

    Residents should not socialise with other people outside of their own households in all public venues.”

    So in summary unlawful if in house or garden advised not to ride with someone outside your household NOT unlawful.

    A couple of corrections:
    * None of the NYM Park falls within the areas with tighter restrictions.
    * And, as above, the only *legal* changes are to meetings in private houses/gardens and pub/restaurant closing time. Meeting in public isn’t illegal, although it’s advised against. To be clear, you shouldn’t meet a mate for a ride, but it’s not illegal.

    Arguing about the legality of it really misses the point. There’s a pandemic on and they’re trying to restrict the spread, so follow the guidelines even if it’s not law.

    Oh, and “that includes all areas north of the North Yorkshire border” – it doesn’t.

    I disagree that any point was missed by people clarifying the facts of the matter. It is very important to understand the legal implications of the current guidance. People shouldn’t be bullied into compliance by incorrect advice

    Its north east ENGLAND, not north east UK. People are already looking for ways to get around the latest medical advice, whether its breaking the law or not shouldn’t be an issue but the amount of idiots I’ve met recently who believe crazy conspiracy theories they’ve seen on YouTube and Facebook over scientific facts is scary, combined with the shambolic test/trace system the next 6 months isn’t looking good

    “North east of the UK”- just barely north and east of the exact centre of the UK. FFS.

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