Fresh Goods Friday 516 – The ‘Oh no, not again’ edition.

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Yep, we’re going to be starting with the news-just-in that us lot in Calderdale, along with the rest of most of the north are locking down again – though not until Tuesday. Oh and pubs are still OK for some reason. But anyway, that news, along with a glimpse of some decent, crisp and sunny autumnal weather is going to be sending the team out on a frenzy of bike riding and sun-ray hunting this weekend. With the bonkers winds we’ve been having in the last week, it means that the trails are all suddenly drying out again and it means a delay on the fitting of that chunkier rubber for the winter.

Anyway, we’re all still allowed out for exercise, which is good news for us as we have a load of bikes, lights and kit to get tested. See you out on the trail! At a distance, obviously…

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Sonder Signal ST

Launched a few weeks ago we’ve got one here now. The Signal ST is the steel version of the Signal Ti, which as we all know is Titanium. Born from the apparent penchant that Transmitter owners had for trying to jam 29r wheels in a frame meant for 27.5. First came the titanium model and now here’s the slightly cheaper real steel version.

Dressed in SRAM NX eagle parts with a Rockshox Revelation 130mm fork and some nice rowdy angles for lots of fun.

We have a first look coming very soon.

Crankbrothers M13 Multitool

The M13 from Crankbrothers is a ‘trailside companion’. With space for quicklinks and tubeless bacon, and featuring a tubeless repair tool, it’s a very compact way to be covered for most mechanicals on the trail. Check out full details here.

Swiftwick Socks

The Pursuit Ultralight is constructed with the lightest weight, fine-gauge Merino Wool and provides maximum moisture and sweat management. The Pursuit Ultralight wicks moisture and dries quickly, so your feet stay dry and blister-free wherever your adventures take you. The thin, breathable design also features a reinforced heel and toe to maximise durability. It has all the benefits of merino wool but is extremely lightweight, ensuring a great fit in any performance shoe.

Fox Speedframe Pro

The Speedframe is the newest open face helmet from Fox Racing. Available in standard or Pro, this Pro version features a MIPS liner on top of a dual-density ‘Varizorb’ impact-absorbing EPS liner for ultimate protection. The Speedframe Pro also features a Fidlock SNAP buckle for ease of use while wearing riding gloves, an XT2 microbial liner, and plenty of vents for keeping things nice and cool. There’s also a goggle compatible 3 position visor. And why did Ross choose this helmet? Check out Amanda’s review of her Speedframe in issue 132 of Singletrack Magazine.

Garmin fēnix 6 Pro Solar

The fēnix 6 Pro Solar is one of the newest members of the Garmin GPS smartwatch line. Featuring Garmin Power Glass™ solar charging lens you can keep yourself powered for up to 2 days on the sun alone, and up to 2 weeks when fully charged. The smartwatch features an MTB mode amongst the usual training categories, mapping, music, wrist-based HRM, and MUCH more.

Granite Design STASH RCX Multi-Tool

granite design stash rtx

Granite Design has taken the STASH tool and made it compatible with forks without an opening in the base, think carbon steerers on road and gravel bikes. That said, the RCX can still work on standard forks. Instead of a lower cap, the RCX uses an expanding bolt to wedge inside the steerer then the upper tool sleeve can be torqued down to add preload to the headset bearings. Granite Design says the STASH RCX will fit steerers with an inner diameter of between 23.5-27mm.

The hidden tool is the same as the standard STASH so comes with a spoke key, and a multitool with 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5 and 6mm Allen keys, a T25 and a Flathead screwdriver. Complete weight for the system is just 110g and you can get it in black or orange.

Funn Solo Shimano Chainring

  • Price: TBA
  • From: FUNN

FUNN has versions of the Solo chainring for SRAM equipped bikes and Shimano powered EMTB’s but finally, they have launched a version for standard Shimano chainsets. The SOLO replaces the standard Shimano spider and chainring arrangement with just a single component. Apparently, the weight saving is ‘significant’ but as I don’t have scales at home I can’t give actual stats.

POC Fabio Wibmer Edition Kit

  • Price: Tectal helmet: £180, Define Glasses £150
  • From: POC Sports
That’s a smooth look…

Everyone’s (other) favourite stunt rider has been honoured with a limited edition signature range of kit from his sponsors POC. The range includes full, trail and half shell helmets, goggles, glasses, knee and elbow pads. 

They all features a special Uranium Black and Matt Gold finish, which looks super smart. There’s a Fabio graphic and a signature too. As signature ranges go, it’s a subtle and classy look.

Islabikes e-Jimi

No one expects Uncle Reg to speed past on the climb…

This quirky looking machine is a sleeper e-bike designed by Islabikes for those of ‘maturing’ years who’d like to still keep active and riding. The Jimi was launched a year or so ago, with a low step-through frame for easy access and a stripped down, simplified look. The e-Jimi takes that and adds a hub motor and a neatly concealed battery. We have our resident pensioner here who’s going to be ragging it up and down the canals and byways here for us and seeing how much trouble he can get into… 

Hope R4+ LED Light

  • Price: £230
  • From: Hope
The packaging is always top notch from Hope too.
Four LED lamp, visible battery and mode lights too and a neat bayonet bar mount

This Hope R4+ has come in to banish the winter blues. It features the uprated four-cell battery powering a four CREE LED headlamp. This offers a theoretical 2000 lumens of power (Hope modestly lists the measured rating too, which is 1500 lumens. There are six power levels and a stated 2:20hrs on full power with this larger battery. There’s a smaller two-cell battery for shorter rides or more infrequent use, like on a helmet mount. Oh, and it’s all still made in Barnoldswick, UK.

And that’s all we have time for, we’re off to oil chains and pump tyres in anticipation of the weekend. But how shall we sign off? We reckon that seeing as we’ve been denied mountain bike festivals, or any festivals at all, it’s time to revisit this gem from Glastonbury 1998. Which is 24 years ago. 24!

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Comments (17)

    “POC Fabio Witmer Edition Kit”.

    You’d have thought POC could have managed to work with Mr Wibmer rather than someone with a similar sounding name….. 🙂

    Sorry, that’s me and knowing a Whitmer… Luckily, the internet lets me fix things…

    Born from the apparent penchant that ‘Transmitter’ owners had for trying to jam 29r wheels in a frame meant for 27.5

    Glastonbury 1998. Which is 24 years ago. STW proofreading fairies on overtime here 🙂

    Portishead fantastic, maybe some Massive attack in next week’s FGF?

    Nice lines on that Sonder. I think there must be something wrong with me; I get more “Ooh, shiny” about a low-slung hardtail than I do most carbon superbouncybikes.

    Hey it’s Friday everyone’s off to the pub and riding trails before they get locked down again. Give them a break 🙂

    “…Glastonbury 1998. Which is 24 years ago.”
    Did they hold Glastonbury 1998 in 1996?

    Those hope lights look lovely and will no doubt work well but why such a huge box and foam packaging?

    Transition, transmitter…. potato potaato… Um’

    Fixed now 🙂

    I do wish FGF would resist the temptation to include stuff for which there is no UK outlet. I saw the Swiftwick socks and thought just what I need to update the FOG sock draw. Of course they are only available in the US and I certainly can’t be rzd to order from the New World, pay heaps of postage and get stung by the bank with a foreign currency charge.

    Hi @FOG I checked with the PR company before they sent them and they were keen to have you all see them because they do international shipping. But they also said that Swiftwick socks are available via Amazon UK. As it happens I’m wearing a pair of their Flite XTs now that I got 2 years ago and they are still very comfortable!

    The bayonet fixture on Hope lights is a work of engineering art.
    Shockingly pricey for extra ones for other bikes, but the way it clips in and refuses to move let alone ever fall off, worth every penny.
    The rear one for the District + is slightly cheaper.

    I like the Sonder Hardtail (I have the Ti version) but I wouldn’t bother buying the NX version. My NX derailleur fell apart (upper jockey wheel just fell off) on a ride 9 months into owning the bike. Sonder said it wasn’t covered under their 3 year Alpine Bond warranty and wouldn’t replace the derailleur. Nice bikes, not so nice NX components, or customer service, save your cash up and go for a Shimano version or GX. Or build the frame up with your own stuff.

    Isla bikes ebike line is interesting – the MTB looks basic but only 13.8 kg – most ebikes seem to be about twice that

    Speedframe Pro – super comfy and the Fidlock is ace.

    Can you see what mudguards and rack you can fit to the ejimi? I asked islabikes and they said nooo, it’s a mountain bike, you won’t want mudguards – which is on odd point of view for a UK company!

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