Bike Check: Rudy Cabirou’s The Brigade Team Custom V10

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The Brigade Team rider, Rudy Cabirou gives us an exclusive bike check and reveals some of his secret settings.

2020 was a major change for Rudy Cabirou as he moved teams to the newly formed The Brigade Team, the move came with changes to his bike, components and set-up.

Of course, the 2020 season hasn’t been what we had all hoped but that hasn’t prevented Rudy and The Brigade Team getting in some race runs and dialling in the new rig.

Rudy Cabirou The Brigade
Rudy and his ride.

The first thing that you’ll notice about Rudy’s bike is the unique design. Monkeys Sauce wraps The Brigade’s bikes ahead of each race in one-off custom design prints. The easy to apply wrap gives the bikes that custom look while protecting the frame from knocks and scrapes. The cooperation between Monkeys Sauce and Kenny means Rudy gets custom kit for the full effect.

rudy cabirou
Monkeys Sauce wrap matches the Kenny kit.

This past weekend, Rudy raced at the Les Gets P2V onboard his team Santa Cruz V10 built with a selection of components from The Brigade Team sponsors and partners. The suspension comes from SR Suntour, and as you can see from Rudy’s build he is running a prototype SR Suntour coil shock in his frame.

Rudy has a particular way of setting his suspension up and is currently running 100psi in the fork with 2 volume spacers, 2 clicks of rebound and 6 clicks of compression. For the proto rear shock, he is running a 600lb spring, 5 clicks of compression and the rebound fully closed, yep we double-checked that.


Fork Settings

  • 100psi with 2 volume spacers
  • 2 clicks for rebound
  • 6 clicks of compressions

Rear Shock Settings

  • 600lbs spring
  • 5 clicks of compressions
  • Rebound fully closed

Tyre Pressure

  • Front: 1.6 bar / 23psi
  • Rear: 1.7 bar / 25psi

Crankbrothers Synthesis wheels are fitted to Rudy’s bike shod in a pair of Vee Tire Co. tyres. Vee Tire Co. manufactures tyres inhouse using rubber from its own rubber plantation. The protective Downhill Core means that Rudy doesn’t need a tyre insert. The 2.35in Snap WCE tyres are inflated to 1.6bar / 23psi on the front and 1.7 / 25psi in the rear.

Production Privée bar and stem aren’t a common sight on downhill rigs, and it’s interesting to see the Andorran brand represented, could it be a hint of things to come? Another uncommon product is the HXR Easyshift chainset. The freehub in the rear wheel is locked and instead, the chainring is free to spin independently from the crankset. This ensures pedalling forces have no effect on suspension performance and that riders can shift gears even when they don’t pedal.

“So easy to change gear everywhere, it feels so comfortable to change gear without pedalling before a sprint or somewhere you can’t Pedal.”

Rudy Cabirou

Check out the action from the P2V Invitational below

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