Singletrack Podcast 510 | The Chris Porter EXT Fork & Politics Rant Episode

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We’ve missed a week of Podcasts due to summer holidays and the fact that only Hannah really understands how to organise this side of editorial production. However, Mark has managed to roundup Chipps and Andi to talk about the latest developments in the MTB UK world right now. But mostly thanks to Hannah showing a level of pre-planning and forethought before she went off on her holidays, we also have an interview with Mojo Suspension and general suspension expert, Chris Porter on the new EXT fork that launched last week.

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Read more about the EST fork that Chris has had a hand in designing right here.

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Comments (2)

    Politics rant?
    There’s a forum for that!!
    Looking forward to listening to the podcast tonight when work quietens down.

    Spent half a day with Chris and his team last week, he didn’t even mention politics or have a proper rant once!

    I feel short changed!

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