Shimano’s ME7 And ME5 Trail Shoes Get Full Revamp For 2021

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Shimano’s ME7 and ME5 shoes are popular sights on the trails, start lines and after-ride cafés around the place, so for 2021 Shimano decided not to change too much, but to tweak both the ME7 and ME5 shoes to give a bit more grip and foot security.

2021 Shimano ME7 (ME702)

The Shimano ME7 features for 2021 (they’ll be out September/October time) include:

What is it with olive and orange this year, eh?
  • A “NEW MICHELIN® high-performance, dual-density rubber outsole to offer superior traction with unmatched durability, stability, and slip resistance”
  • A NEW low-profile, reverse mount buckle tucked away from obstacles to securely hold the foot
  • Lightweight pedaling efficiency plus the durability, grip, and armor that aggressive trail riders need
  • Perforated synthetic leather upper optimizes comfort, fit and breathability
  • Neoprene stretchable ankle collar offering additional protection from trail debris
  • Sealed cleat area to keep water out (Yay!)
  • Torsional “TORBAL” midsole to allow for natural rider ‘flow’ during downhill descents
  • Volume+ last with extra toe-box volume to accommodate comfort in wider range of foot shapes without affecting shoe length. Enables ultra-wide range of feet sizes in sizes 38-50. (Though we’re not sure which sizes Madison will be bringing in)
  • Weight: 400g (size 42), Stiffness: 8/12, Sizing: 38, 39, 40, 41-46 (half sizes), 47, 48, 49, 50. (See previous points about whether we’ll see the full range as importers often skip the extreme small and XXXL sizes – if you’re at either end of that scale, shout in the comments!)

So, really, not a huge amount has changed on this shoe, the buckle has changed direction and there’s the new Michelin sole (that we thought it had anyway…. but that’s the XC501) though a wider last will be welcome if that’s the case. Availability: From September 2020 onwards.

2021 Shimano ME5 (ME502)

That’s a pretty pro look. The BOA is guaranteed for life, by the way.

The ME5 features include:

  • NEW single Boa® L6 dial for quick and precise micro-adjustment plus closure cap to prevent accidental release during collisions
  • Dedicated trail performance shoe combining excellent stiffness for pedaling with off the bike traction.
  • Reinforced armor provides great protection and excellent durability
  • Proprietary SHIMANO grippy rubber compound outsole offering superior traction in wet conditions
  • Torsional “TORBAL” midsole to allow for natural rider ‘flow’ motion during downhill descents.
  • Weight: 362g (size 42), Stiffness: 6/12, Sizes: 38-50

And the prices. According to Madison, the 2021 Shimano ME7 will be: £179.99 and the ME5 will be £139.99 and they’ll be available in bike shops and from Freewheel from September-ish…

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Comments (11)

    Reverse strap isn’t new – last two versions (and the model before that) had the same orientation. Last version also had a Michelin rubber sole, but this is a new compound.
    Sealed clear area, reinforced toebox, new panelling (with weak seam eliminated) and a tougher “rubble-cuff” are the main changes other than new outsole compound.

    “Trail Shoes Get Full Revamp” or “for 2021 Shimano decided not to change too much”

    I was actually quite relieved to find out the ‘changes’ meant keeping things as they are! The ME7s one of the few shoes of that style out there that actually have soles suited to the UK (i.e. mud), and the reverse buckle thing just makes sense.

    Yeah what bearGrease said. I’d be interested if the fit has changed – just bought ME7s as they were widened for the “yellow” version, but they’re a bit too roomy in general. The Shimano flats shoes fit perfectly – boxy front, snug ankle.

    “Trail Shoes Get Full Revamp” – the ME5 shoes are actually pretty different, rather than just a tickle, like the ME7s have had…

    I love my current ME5 shoes. There’s not really anything improved though on it other than a possible downgrade from Michelin to Shimano rubber outsole (shame!). Other than that it’s just the upper and colour that is different.

    I had Gen1 ME7’s and was really disappointed. The ‘in destructive kevlar’ toe covering ripped on both shoes but I see the’ve put a standard material toe on now. More of a problem was there doesn’t seem a proper heel cap. The rear of the heel stopped too low so I found them useless for walking in – my heel lifted on each step.

    Import the 49s at least for us with big feet!!!

    Forget the kiddy sizes (like Bob and his 49s) – bring in the 50 please! I’ll have a set of ME7s in 50 as soon as I can find one for sale.

    I’m a size 50 and currently closest thing I’ve found is the specialized 2fo clips in a 49, their biggest size.

    I’d deffo be trying a 50 in these as have some xc shimano’s I use on my road bike. So few companies make above a 47/8 it’s a great opportunity.

    Are we ever likely to see the wide version in the UK? Who can you speak with to find out?

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