Masks of Singletrack | Here’s how the staff are helping curb the spread of COVID19

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This is a public service broadcast! Masks are now required to be worn in shops, on buses and trains and in the commission of bank robberies. Here at Singletrack we are taking that responsibility seriously – in fact we’ve been following a masks in the office policy for the last few months so wearing them when out and about is no big deal for us. What has become apparent over that time is that no one is really interested in the plain old paper disposable masks that make you look like you are about to perform surgery and pretty much everyone at STHQ has gone down the personalised route. So, in the spirit of encouraging us all to try and slow down the spread of this blasted virus we thought we’d share with you what we are wearing and where they came from.

But first the why

No one is asking or expecting anyone to wear a mask in order to save themselves from infection – it’s all about saving those around us. Wearing a mask is about the most selfless and polite thing you can do because it’s about containing your own germs rather than keeping everyone else’s out.

With COVID19 being increasingly reported as a virus you can spread without showing any symptoms none of us can effectively be sure we aren’t spreading it – even if we feel perfectly fine. The best thing we can do is to assume we have it when we are around other people and do what we can to avoid passing it on. If we all take that position it is one of the most powerful and effective ways we can all help stop the spread. Wearing one may be inconvenient and for long periods uncomfortable but when you do, you really are taking one for the team when that team is the rest of society at large, including the super vulnerable among us.

Heck! Even that tangerine dream Trump is wearing one now.

So, let’s do the right thing and mask up. Here, for your pleasure are the entire Singletrack crew displaying the very latest in purchased and home made face fashion for this COVID19 season.

Hannah’s mask

hannah's covid mask

My daughter sewed this mask for me from a pattern I found online. It’s a double thickness mask made out of a nice soft brushed cotton fabric. She complained that it was a nuisance to make and had to adapt the pattern a little to get it through her machine. I’ve complained that the tie on straps are a fiddle to do up without getting my hair tangled in them. I have asked her to make me another with elastic ear loops instead, but she says it was too much hassle making it and anyway my hair is perma-tangled.

Mark’s mask of old dresses

My mask and that worn by Vic have been custom designed and manufactured from the finest spare cloth by Vic’s mum, Pat. We’ve had three random deliveries through the post from Pat’s seat of manufacturing in Southport and each has contained a multitude of designs and each time following a slightly tweaked template. I can’t help but feel we are being used as test subjects for some planned global mask manufacturing effort – regardless the most recent batch seem to have fit best and include one mask made from an old dress that Vic wore on our first date. How’s that for recycling. It wasn’t a grey camo dress btw. Is it weird that I’m wearing Vic’s dress on my face? It feels weird. It’s weird isn’t it?

Chipps’ super villain mask

Main Image: Bane from Batman and Chipps (Inset) off down the shops this morning.

My current mask was a last-minute ‘Oh, and a mask’ addition to an Amazon order – and it’s completely useless. While the photo looked to be black and sleek, although the fit is great, it’s just made of very thin foam – and it’s completely permeable. While it might pass the letter of the guidance, it doesn’t pass the spirit of it. I reckon I could still blow a candle out while wearing it – not what you want. Luckily, I work from home, haven’t been further than ten miles from my house in four months and I only very rarely visit a supermarket. I do have a filter-based sewn mask on order, but in the meantime, it’ll be pretty easy for me to avoid shops. After all, Vocation Brewery, Saddleback and Madison all deliver to my house, so I don’t really need to go anywhere!

Zoe’s bugs life masks

covid mask zoe covid19

When I decided my family and I needed masks I originally wanted to make them myself. Soon after downloading the template I realised I was out of my depth.  I knew I wanted a handmade one rather than mass produced, it was then I realised Paddy my partner has a cousin in Brighton who has a small sewing business. She had recently posted pics on social media of masks she was making and I contacted her to purchase.  We all got to choose our fabric and she made masks for me Paddy and Caleb my little lad. When they arrived we were so happy they were well made and personal. I especially love how mine is reversible so I can choose my mask for my mood. I am proud

Today’s Deal Picks

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Binary Star Andy’s scary mask

andy mask covid COVID19

I have a bog standard mask from a well known online retail outlet. The main idea is that people avoid me ( like the plague ) when I am out and about in town. Though I think the glasses make it look good and fit for the aforementioned purpose, I obviously can’t see anything of the outside world as they are steamed up. The material seems a bit thin to me. It came in a package that makes it look like medical grade but to me, an uninitiated in this field, I would doubt it.

Amanda’s on brand mask

This is my Mk1 Mask, made by an actual scientist. My friend spends her days in a science lab making COVID tests, so she’s been our go-to for advice and helping us make good choices. Those good choices include wearing masks before they became trendy… sometime late February when I got home from Italy. I added a Singletrack cog to give me an excuse to feature it in Fresh Goods Friday (or because I’m a brand whore?) and the cog helps distinguish this from my Mk2 Mask that features upgraded elasticated ear hoops. My mask-wearing tip: If you have allergies, be really careful what detergent you wash your masks with. I had a very itchy day out not too long ago.

Charlie Merch Monger’s buff

This is the Buff Filter Mask. It costs 23.75 euros, and has a replaceable 3 layer paper filter that blocks out something like 98% of micro thingies. You get a couple of spare filters with the mask, and it’s about 15 euros for a pack of 30 more filters. I have tried alternatives but really get on with this mask as its secured via two adjustable elasticated head straps, rather than a couple of skinny ear loops. Breathability is good, as is comfort, and it works well with big hair. Yep, it is a bit pricey, however I go to the local post office every day, and some of the people in the queue look really very sweaty. Is it the plague, or just a stinking hangover?

Top tip… keep a mask hanging off your gear stick, and you should have one handy for every shopping trip. Or just wear your pants on your head… that is likely to achieve some serious distancing.

Digital Tom’s flowery mask

This cute lil’ mask of mine was made for me by my friend Jenna who seems to horde a remarkable amount of fabric. Being key workers she decided to make masks for herself and her mum. After seeing one that she had made, I asked if she would make me one and I said I don’t mind what it looks like. This is the result and I love it!

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Andi’s going into surgery

andi mask

This is not the mask I want to wear, but it’s what we have at home. I like the fact that it’s lightweight, and it’s pretty comfortable, I also like that I can hide my unshaven face behind it too. What I don’t like is that it’s disposable and that I’ve now started to see discarded masks like this littering footpaths. I’ll wear it until I get hold of a lovely custom one from Únic which is washable, reusable and way cooler.

That’s us. How about you? Anyone got a bike design mask yet? Upload your mask selfie to your account profile and let us all see.

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