Long-Term Review: VeeTire Snap WCE Top 40, all the grip none of the slip

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Downhill tyres made from motorbike rubber? Andi puts the VeeTire Snap WCE Top 40 to the test in his long term review.

I’ve been running a VeeTire Snap WCE on my enduro and eMTB since well before winter and I feel I’ve put in enough miles to comment on how they perform. For those of you who don’t already know, VeeTire is from Thailand and manufacture tyres for motorbikes, cars, ATVs and mountain bikes. The Snap WCE is their flagship downhill tyre and was developed with the help of the Propain Factory team and Phil Atwill before he moved to Cube.

vee tire snap wce review

Vee offers the Snap WCE in 27.5 and 29in options and I’ve been riding the 29 x 2.5 version of the tyre, which is made of the same ultra tacky Top 40 compound the Snap Trail is made of. Over the past few months, I have used the Snap WCE on both my enduro bike and eMTB and tested them both as a pair and as a front only tyre running a Snap Trail on the rear.

On The Trail

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Brand:VeeTire Co.
Product:Snap WCE Top40
From:VeeTire Co.
Tested:by Andi Sykes for 6 months

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