YT Shred Range: Coil Shocks For Decoy and New Alloy Capra

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The YT Shred range sees the mullet Decoy e-bike get a coil shock, and the Capra get a full metal body and a coil shock too. If there’s not a hair metal video to go with this launch we’re going to be very disappointed.

YT Capra Shred

YT says it’s listened to the market and has brought out an alloy Capra to offer a tough alloy enduro bike at a high performance spec. This in itself is interesting, since alloy editions have typically been seen as the entry level price point, with carbon bikes getting all the glitzy components. It seems that there’s a group of riders out there that want an alloy bike with those top spec parts, so the new Capra Shred comes with GX Eagle drivetrain, SRAM Code R brakes, and a Fox Float DHX2 Performance Elite coil shock.

YT Shred
Only available in ‘Slab Grey’

Chris Hilton, CTO YT Industries, says:

“CAPRA and DECOY are two of our most exciting and popular bikes. They really reflect the spirit of YT, the kind of people we are, and the kind of riding many of us like to do. Both are great bikes today, but we wanted to take these two bikes and give them something even more. So, we added an extra-large dose of fun and capability. We added more SHRED to the CAPRA and DECOY. Bikes that already had plenty, now have even more. If aggressive riding, pushing your limits, rough terrain and having a ton of fun are your priorities, then you want to shred. Go SHRED.”

The Capra Shred will come in both 27.5in and 29er wheels, in fives sizes S-XXL (although you can’t get a Small in the 29er version). Both cost £3,199 – £300 less than the GX Eagle equipped carbon Capra Pro.

YT Capra Shred Specifications

YT Shred
If you’re going to go full metal, go all in?

YT Capra Shred 27.5

  • Price: £3,199
  • Weight: 15.6kg
YT Shred Capra 27.5
Sizes  SM  L  XL  XXL
Top tube572 mm594 mm617 mm639 mm661 mm
Reach415 mm435 mm455 mm475 mm495 mm
Stack604 mm607 mm617 mm626 mm631 mm
Seat tube length400 mm420 mm450 mm470 mm490 mm
Chainstay427 mm427 mm427 mm432 mm432 mm
Head tube angle65°65°65°65°65°
Seat tube angle (eff)75°75°75°75°75°
Seat tube angle (act)68°68°68°68°68°
BB Drop 8 mm8 mm8 mm8 mm8 mm
Wheelbase1169 mm1194 mm1219 mm1248 mm1271 mm
Head tube length105 mm109 mm120 mm130 mm135 mm
BB Height350 mm350 mm350 mm350 mm350 mm
Standover Height678 mm690 mm703 mm719 mm725 mm
YT Capra Shred 27.5 Geometry

YT Capra Shred 29

  • Price: £3,199
  • Weight: 16kg
YT Shred Capra 29
Sizes  M  L  XL  XXL
Top tube584 mm621 mm645 mm667 mm
Reach440 mm460 mm480 mm500 mm
Stack630 mm630 mm639 mm644 mm
Seat tube length420 mm445 mm465 mm490 mm
Chainstay435 mm435 mm440 mm440 mm
Head tube angle65°/65.5°65°/65.5°65°/65.5°65°/65.5°
Seat tube angle (eff)75.5.° / 76°75.5.° / 76°75.5.° / 76°75.5.° / 76°
Seat tube angle (act)66° / 66.5°66° / 66.5°66° / 66.5°66° / 66.5°
BB Drop 25 / 15 mm25 / 15 mm25 / 15 mm25 / 15 mm
Wheelbase1203 mm1227 mm1256 mm1279 mm
Head tube length105 mm105 mm115 mm120 mm
BB Height351 / 361 mm351 / 361 mm351 / 361 mm351 / 361 mm
Standover Height699 mm723 mm735 mm745 mm
YT Capra Shred 29 Geometry

Riders of the YT Capra Shred 29 also get the benefit of a flip chip to adjust the BB height as well as the head angle and seat tube angle by 0.5 degrees – as reflected in the chart above.

YT Decoy Shred

YT Shred
The YT Decoy Shred, a mullet ebike with coil shock

The YT Decoy Shred keeps the same carbon front/alloy rear frame, but the mullet ebike now gets the coil shock treatment too. Available in sizes S-XXL the DECOY Shred is powered by the 540Wh YT custom battery. The Shimano E8000 drive unit is paired with a 12-speed Shimano XT drivetrain. It’s a lot of bike, with 170mm of travel on the FOX 38 Float Performance E-Bike+ fork and 165mm of rear travel with the new FOX Float DHX2 Performance Elite coil shock.

YT Decoy Shred Specification

  • Price: £5,399
  • Weight: 24.3kg
YT Shred Decoy
Sizes  SM  L  XL  XXL
Top tube569 mm591 mm612 mm635 mm658 mm
Reach410 mm430 mm450 mm470 mm490 mm
Stack623 mm628 mm633 mm642 mm651 mm
Seat tube length400 mm420 mm445 mm470 mm495 mm
Chainstay442 mm442 mm442 mm442 mm442 mm
Head tube angle64.5°/65°64.5°/65°64.5°/65°64.5°/65°64.5°/65°
Seat tube angle (eff)75.5° / 76°75.5° / 76°75.5° / 76°75.5° / 76°75.5° / 76°
Seat tube angle (act)71° / 71.5°71° / 71.5°71° / 71.5°71° / 71.5°71° / 71.5°
BB Drop mm (Front/Rear)R17/F33 / R10/F26R17/F33 / R10/F26R17/F33 / R10/F26R17/F33 / R10/F26R17/F33 / R10/F26
Wheelbase1182 mm1204 mm1226 mm1251 mm1275 mm
Head tube length95 mm100 mm105 mm115 mm125 mm
BB Height343 / 350 mm343 / 350 mm343 / 350 mm343 / 350 mm343 / 350 mm
Standover Height751 mm737 mm723 mm713 mm701 mm
YT Decoy Shred Geometry
YT Shred
Carbon front, alloy rear.

Markus Flossmann, CEO YT Industries, says:

“We are super stoked to launch these two enduro machines! We have a burning passion for gravity riding and can’t wait to send these beasts through bike parks, over trails and big hits. After releasing limited versions of the CAPRA in the past two years, it was time to include a high-performance aluminum model within our regular range again. We also saw the need to offer a ‘coil version’ of the DECOY. Both the CAPRA Shred and DECOY Shred will let you rule the trails.”

Is this the update you’ve been waiting for? See the YT website for purchase details.

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    Oh my, that Capra is a beauty!
    I had one of the older carbon ones with BOS suspension and it was a delight. This though lookjs a whole new level.

    I’m not being funny but since when is SRAM GX, code r, fox performance shocks considered top spec parts?

    @pikey666 Fair point, although if you look across the YT existing range, the GX is on the upper end of their bikes. XO/1 gets added to the pro level spec only. NX elsewhere. So, maybe not top spec but upper spec? Not entry level spec?

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