Nukeproof wheels

Nukeproof Wheel Lineup Gets Update and Goes Pick’n’Mix

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Nukeproof brings out an update to its Horizon and Neutron wheels, along with a bunch of customer friendly choices.

Even if you’re a committed wheel wrecker, you probably don’t break both wheels at the same time, so being able to buy single wheels makes a lot of sense. Plus, with mullet bikes the latest thing, you definitely don’t want to be buying four wheels to get the mixed pair you need. Along with its technical updates, Nukeproof is now making single wheels available as a front or rear only purchase. You can also get a full range of tubeless conversion gear, their ARD rim protectors, and spare parts. But what of the wheels themselves – what’s new there?

Nukeproof wheels

Nukeproof Horizon Wheels


  • £150 Front / £250 Rear

Claimed weight

  • Rear – 27.5in 148mmx12mm – 1093g
  • Rear – 27.5in 150mmx12mm – 1116g
  • Front – 27.5in 15mm Boost – 884g
  • Front – 27.5in 20mm Boost – 946g

The Horizon is the premium component range, and the new Horizon wheelsets get an all new hub with 102 points of engagement every 3.52 degrees. The Horizon hub rolls fast and smooth using lipped Enduro ABEC 5 Bearings, which are designed to protect the hub from water and dirt on the trails. To ensure longevity, they feature 80% grease filled bearings to reduce metal to metal contact (generally Nukeproof says bearings are 30% filled). Off the shelf the hubs have a buzz to them, but there are stealth pawls & springs as an upgrade option for riders that prefer to ride in silence.

Nukeproof wheels

Shimano HG, Sram XD and also Shimano Microspline freehubs are available, as are various hub widths. Take your pick from 135mm/ 142mm/ 148mm/ 150mm & 157mm and 110 & 100MM Fork Spacing.

Nukeproof wheels

Rims have been designed to be useful across a range of disciplines: tough enough to withstand the abuse of racing downhill, but svelte enough to be happy on fast rolling trails. Rims are constructed using ‘a dynamically aged magnesium-Silicon enriched alloy to give both the stiffness and hardness, but ductility and yield properties (in short, the benefits of both 7 series and 6 series alloys)’. Rims are sleeved rather than welding, to reduce the risk of weak spots caused by exposure to the heat of the welding process. Nukeproof says ‘This ensures the properties of the alloy remain consistent and effective throughout the circumference. In simple terms; strong and stiff but with a nice level of compliance allowing you to feel the trail where you need it to and ultimately help improved handling and control.’

The 30mm internal rim width should work well with most 2.3 to 2.6” tyres allowing the tyre casing to create the best contact patch to the trail, whilst retaining strength and protection. For ease of maintenance for riders they are finished off 32 hand laced J bend spokes (laced in a 3x pattern). The Horizon wheels are tested and approved the rims for downhill, enduro, all mountain and trail use.

Nukeproof Neutron Wheels


  • £120 Front / £170 Rear

Claimed weight

  • Front – 27.5in 15mm Boost – 905g
  • Rear – 27.5in 148mm Boost – 1045g

The cheaper Neutron range gets a full overall as well, aiming for improvements in performance, strength and reliability. The all new hub is designed for a smooth, fast pick up with increase in points of engagement (36 points of engagement, every 10 degrees) . As with the Horizon range, you get Shimano HG, Sram XD and Shimano Microspline freehubs options, as well as the same range of hub widths. The Neutron hand laces 6066 alloy 29mm internal width rims to the hubs with 32 J-Bend spokes. Again, the Neutron V2 wheels have been developed and approved for downhill, trail and enduro use, and they’re fully serviceable with a full range of spares options available.

Tubeless Ready

Both Horizon and Neutron wheels are available in 27.5” and 29” wheel offering and are supplied set up and tubeless ready – you just need to add the tyre and sealant. They come pre-taped with Nukeproof rim tape and Horizon Tubeless valves. Rim tape is also available separately in various widths 28mm-36mm, as are the Horizon tubeless Valves. You’ll get black valves off the shelf, but there are a variety of colours to match the rest of the Nukeproof component range. Nukeproof of course assures that all their wheels are fully compatible with its Active Rim Defence (ARD) tyre and rim protection, reviewed here.

Nukeproof wheels

Could this be what you needed to try out that mullet set up?

Nukeproof wheels
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