Video: Choosing To Live – Riding After Loss

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Anyone who has lost a loved one will likely relate to the sentiments in this video. The desire to make the loss mean something, count for something. The need to move on without forgetting. The awareness of the sadness that you carry to wonderful new experiences, perhaps driven there by that desire to turn the pain into a positive.

Choosing To Live

This short film Choosing To Live, supported by Salsa, brings all of that together with some beautiful scenery in the mountains of Canada. Showing the sunny days, the snow days, and the carrying your bike through mud days, the back story makes the footage much more meaningful than it would have been if it were just another pro-adventurer out on the trail.

Choosing To Live: While mourning her late husband, Sarah Hornby craved an opportunity to connect with him through his biggest passion. Her goal was simple. She would attempt all 10 routes he created
while researching his Bikepacking in the Canadian Rockies guidebook, in a single year. As she pedaled, her story transformed. From sadness and loss to a profound celebration of both his life and her own unique journey, she was choosing to live.

Have you been spurred into action following the death of a loved one? Maybe it was just a close call that made you count the days ahead more carefully? Sometimes we just ride, because we love it. Other times, we ride because we appreciate we might not be able to tomorrow. Whatever your reasons, when rain lashes or flies bite, ride #forJenn, #bemoreMike, or ride in memory of your Ryan.

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