Someone smashed Steel City Downhill and Peaty is Pissed!

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If you go down to the woods today then you might be in for a surprise, or at least Steve Peat was this weekend when he found his local DH spot trashed!

Steve Peat’s local downhill, the venue for the Steel City Downhill, has been wrecked this weekend. The news comes from Peaty himself who came across the destruction while out for his daily exercise ration.

The Steel City Downhill track is located in Grenoside Woods, Sheffield, and has been built and maintained over the years by the yearly race and local charities. From the photos, and from what Peaty has said of the damage, it sounds like a bunch of very bored and very stupid people had nothing better to do so decided to fight berms and jumps…

Currently there are no suspects of leads to who committed the destruction, but if anyone has any information we’re sure Peaty and the authorities would be very pleased to hear from you.

Some nasty people in this World!!! Steel City Downhill track has been pointlessly wrecked. If anyone knows anything please let us know.

This track is enjoyed by a huge range of people from kids to pensioners and has been built on charity money from our little race. I’m fuming and just don’t understand the mentality!!!

Steve Peat Instagram
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Comments (7)

    Unbelievable!! We should all be pulling together not pulling things apart!!!.

    Some people need putting against a wall and shooting

    Some people need putting down in a school seat and educating

    tdog, what makes you think they will sit down in school? Sad people can put deliberate effort into breaking something.

    Probably someone who frothed themselves into complete outrage at Irresponsible Mountain Bikers Riding Dangerous Tracks When They Should Be Staying at Home and Saving Lives instead.

    Probably didn’t stop to think that he was just as likely to put himself in hospital trashing the course as anyone riding it.

    Ned has it. Someone with an existing axe to grind using covid-19 hysteria as an excuse to deny other people fun and recreation. Pure mean-spirited NIMBYism.

    What a shame. Hope the idiots who did this get caught and suitably punished.
    When did it become acceptable to say “Pissed” to mean annoyed rather than drunk? Gradual creep of American English….

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