Search for the Slop – Dudes of Hazzard New Series

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The Dudes of Hazzard bring us the first episode from a new four-part video series, documenting the journey to find the very best of the slop.

Winter time in Fort William is always an exceptional experience and if you can handle the short days and the grim conditions then you’re onto a winner.

Liam and James get out into the muddy conditions from dawn till dusk and trail building is an ideal off-season activity to keep the stoke levels high for future rides to come. The boys set about some mattock work early January to tickle up the hillside.

Battered by wind, rain and low temperatures it is essential to get changed as soon as the riding finishes. Once home, the bikes have to be washed, oiled and put away before they freeze. Mountains of mud-soaked washing quickly build up and a life learnt double shoe/helmet on the heater rotation system is in full swing. All the effort seems worth it for that daily fix of carving and sliding through the slop. Fort William surely can’t be the only dream location though, is anywhere else in the world just as good?

The acronym above, DoH, stands for Dudes of Hazard – not Department of Health. They are, however, quite a relevant organisation to mention given the current outbreak. Filming was finished by the end of February before the Coronavirus took hold of Europe.

The next video may have to be another local one but excitement will be higher than ever to see some new turns once the world gets back to normal again… Until then, don’t do anything too hazardous!

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